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Group Alumni

Zachary Williams, MS 2012
"A Study of the Formation of Carbon-Based Tubular Constructs and the Effects of An External Field"

Arun Narayan, PhD  2008  [Georgia Pacific Chemical, Georgia]

"Laser Assisted Formation of Carbon Toroids and Carbon Tubular Constructs"

Robert Combs, PhD 2007

"Laser Pulse Duration and Electric Field Effects in the Pulsed Laser Deposition of Titanium Carbide"

Michael Johnson, PhD 2005

"Applying Velocity Constraints to the Laser Spectroscopy of D and Cl Atom Photodissociation Products"


Lucinda Pringle, PhD 2005 [Stennis Space Center, Mississippi]
"Cl, H, and D Photofragment Studies"


Steven Michael Simpson, PhD 2005

"Laser Interactions with Metal-doped Polymer Thin Films:  Creating Metallic Interlayers"


Geoff Gomlak, PhD 2002

"PLD of Hard Materials and Solar Cells"


Xiaodong Zhang, PhD 2001

"Extending Velocity-Aligned Doppler Spectrocopy with Applications to the Photolysis of 2-Iodopropane and Hydrogen Selenidine"


Michael Kelly, PhD 2000
"Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin Films: Controlling Neutral Mixtures"


John J. Cahill, PhD 1999
"Development of a Method for Investigating Carbon Removal Processes during Photoassisted Thin Flim Growth Using Organometallic Precursors"


Karl Thomas Lorenz, PhD 1997
"Investigating Product-State Distributions Utilizing Velocity-Aligned Doppler Spectroscopy"


Michael Mathews, PhD 1995
"Site Specific Photochemistry of Haloalkanes and Their Associated Alkyl Radical Intermediates"


Valentin Panayotov, PhD 1995
"Laser Ablation of Zintl Phase Materials as a Route for Deposition of III-V Semiconductor Thin Films"


Zhongrui Wang, PhD 1995
"Dissociation Photochemistry of Alky Radicals"


John Porter, MS 1998
"Laser Initiated Growth of III-V Semiconductor Clusters Using a Custom Designed Multiple Source Pulsed Nozzle System"




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