Selected Publications of Mark Fink

Hallmann, Steffen; Fink, Mark J.; Mitchell, Brian S.Mechanochemical synthesis of functionalized silicon nanoparticles with terminal chlorine groups, J Mat. Res. (2011) 26(8) 1052-1060.

Pichaandi, Kothanda Rama; Mague, Joel T.; Fink, Mark J., Synthesis of a tert-butyl substituted bis(silirane) and comparison with its methyl and phenyl analogs, J.Organmet. Chem., (2011) 696(10) 1957-1963.

Heintz, A.S.; Fink, M.J.; Mitchell, B.S. "Silicon Nanoparticles with Chemically Tailored Surfaces",  Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Appl. Organometal. Chem. 2010, 24, 236–240

Hallman, S.; Fink, M. J.; Mitchell, B.S., "Wetting Properties of Silicon Films from Alkyl-Passivated Particles Produced by Mechanochemical Synthesis", Journal of Colloid & Interface Science2010, 348, 634–641

Heintz, A.S.; Gonzalez, J.E.; Fink, M.J.; Mitchell, B.S. "Catalyzed Self-AldolReaction of Valeraldehyde via a MechanochemicalMethod", J. Mol. Catalysis A, 2009, 304,117-120

Medina-Ramıirez, Iliana E.; Fink, Mark J. ; Donahue, James P.,  "Tetrakis(l-triisopropylsilanethiolato)-1:2κ4S:S;2:3 κ4S:S-bis(triisopropylsilanethiolato)-1κS,3κS-trizinc(II) ", ActaCryst. , 2009, C65, m475–m477

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