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Group Goals

One significant goal is to develop photochemical systems that can be applied to the effective
conversion of light (solar) energy into other forms of energy, most often chemical and electrical energy.

Group News




Rebecca, Aditya, Pat and the old guy give presentations at SE/SW Regional ACS
meeting in Memphis

"Homoleptic Tris-Diphosphine Re(I) and Re(II) Complexes and Re(II) Photophysics
and Photochemistry" is accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry. Yay Amelia!
The work is joint with Jeremy Adams and Dean Roddick at the University of Wyoming
and honors our friend Pat Sullivan who passed away a few years ago

Tod is awarded National Research Council Fellowship to work with Tom Cooper at Wright
Patterson AFB. Way to go Tod!

Schemehl group partners with reaserchers in Mississippi and Alabama to obtain support from
the NSF EPSCoR program. Wind behind the sails!
Bing Shan defends her Ph.D. successfully!
Tingting Feng accepts Bioanalytical job in Boston.
"Host-Guest Interactions Derived Multilayer Perylene Diimide Thin Film Constructed on
scaffolding Porphyrin Monolayer" published in Langmuir thanks to the efforts of Mengyuan Zhu
and Janan Jayawickramarajah and our small contribution.
Bing Shan receives postdoctoral appointment at UNC EFRC. Go Bing!!
"Electron Transfer Rate Modulation in a Compact Re(I) Donor-Acceptor Complex" is recognized
in Physics Today's Search and Discovery section. Kudos to Yuankai and Tod.
Tod Grusenmeyer defends his Ph.D. successfully!
After mighty struggle "Electron Transfer Rate Modulation in a Compact Re(I) Donor-Acceptor
Complex" is Accepted to Dalton Transactions. Congratulations to Tod and our collaborators
Yuankai Yue, Igor Rubtsov and the Beratan group at Duke
"Following oxygen consumption in singlet oxygen reactions via changes in sensitizer
phosphorescence" was accepted for publication in Photochemistry and Photobiology,
 thanks to Tingting and Tod.
"Sn(IV) Schiff Base Complexes: Triplet Photosensitizers for Photoredox Reactions"
accepted for publication in Dalton Transactions. Congratulations Tod and our Ohio U.
Collaborators Jeff Rack and Albert King
"The influence of ligand localized excited states on the photophysics of second and third row
transition metal terpyridyl complexes: recent examples and a case study."  Accepted to
Coordination Chemistry Reviews. Thanks Jing, Yong and collaborators at Emory,
Tim Lian and Teddy Huang
"Photochemical Generation of Strong One-Electron Reductants via Light Induced Electron
Transfer with Reversible Donors Followed by Cross Reaction with Sacrificial Donors"
accepted for publication in J. Phys. Chem. A. Congratulations Bing on this solo performance
Jing and Yong have baby boy, Eli
"Full-Electron Ligand-to-Ligand Charge Transfer in a Compact Re(I) Complex" accepted to
J. Phys. Chem. A. Thanks to Tod and our collaborators Yuankai Yue, Igor Rubtsov and the
 Beratan group at Duke
Russ and Igor Rubtsov and others are awarded an Enhancement Grant by the Louisiana
Board of Regents to augment time resolved spectroscopic facilities.
Gilbert and Freda have baby boy, Kich Kiptoo Kosgei







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