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Group Goals

The goal of the Grayson research group is to find creative solutions to the world's material and medical needs by tailoring the nanoscale architecture of synthetic macromolecules.

Grayson Group 10-2015


Group News

September Farihah Haque is awarded the Arlo Harris Fellowship Award for outstanding record as Ph.D. student.
April Mallory, Molly, and Karolina's manuscript, in collaboration with Dr. W. Godbey of Tulane Biomolecular Engineering, on linear and cyclic analogues of PEI for gene transfection is published   in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

September  Molly Payne, who was awarded a BOR fellowship, joins the group

October  Our work on investigating hyperbranched polyesters is funded by the American Chemical Society – Petroleum Research Fund
September Boyu’s manuscript on the self-assembly of linear and cyclic PEG-PCL amphiphilic polymers is published in ACS MacroLetters
August Dr. Ejaz’ paper on grafting polymers from carbon hard spheres is published and “spotlighted” in the Journal of Polymer Science, Part A
April The Grayson group presents 12 poster and 3 oral presentations    at the ACS national convention in New Orleans
March Esteban Duran joins the Grayson Group as a visiting post-doc from Chile.
January Jessica’s  collaborative work with Prof. Alejandro Mueller (U. Simon Bolivar, Venezuela) on the crystallization of cyclic poly(caprolactone) is published in Polymer    
January Brittany’s paper on the MS characterization of dendronized PEG published in Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (invited)    
January Boyd’s collaborative work with Prof. Chrys Wesdemiotis (U. Akron) on the tandem MS characterization of cyclic polymers is published in the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry

October  Our work on investigating amphiphilic polymers and nanoparticles as improved dispersants is funded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative
September Karolina Kosakowska, who was awarded  an IGERT Bioinnovation Fellowship, joins the group
June Yi's trview of amphiphilic polymes for drug delivery applications appears in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
April Boyd's paper on cyclic amphiphilic homopolymers is published in Polymer Chemistry
March Yejia's paper on the synthesis of high purity star polymers via click chemistry is published in Journal of Polymer Science Part A

October Congrats to Dr. Mallory Cortez on her graduation, and her post-doc with Prof.  T. Reineke at U. Minnesota!
October Dr. Ejaz' paper on redox-responsive release from disulfide cross-linked hydrogels is published in Polymer
October Congrats to Dr. Jessica Hoskins on her graduation, and her Adolf Martens post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. S Widener at BAM, Germany
September  Jessica’s collaboration with Prof. S. Trimpin examining the ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry of linear and cyclic polymers appears in Macromolecules.
September  Joe Giesen, who was awarded a BOR graduate fellowship, joins the group.
August  Congrats to Dr. Marco Giles on his graduation, and his ARACDA post-doctoral fellowship with Prof. J. Wang, at Baylor Medical School!
August  Congrats to Dr. Yejia Li on his graduation, and job with Arkema!
August  Boyd’s full paper on the dendronization of cyclic polymers appears in the Journal of the American Chemical Society
July  Congrats to Dr. Boyd Laurent on his graduation, and job with Nalco!
July  Marco and Yejia’s click functionalization of deep cavity cavitands (in collaboration with Prof. B. Gibb) appears in Chemical Communications, and is highlighted on the back cover.
April  Dawanne’s investigation of star polymer-based carriers for transdermal drug delivery is described in a Biomacromolecules full paper
April  Jessica’s initial results of a collaboration with Prof. A. Mueller (U. Simon Bolivar) appears as a communication in Macromolecules
February  Jessica’s review on the synthesis and properties of cyclic polyesters is published in Polymer Chemistry

September Jessica's review on cyclic poly(esters) appears in Polymer Chemistry.
August SMG gives invited talk highlighting the group’s recent cyclic polymer work at the Young Polymer Scientist Symposium of the IUPAC 44th annual MACRO conference in Glasgow, Scotland.
July Yejia’s investigation of the metastable fragmentation of azide polymer end groups appears in Macromolecules.
June The group’s tutorial review on MALDI-TOF MS polymer end group analysis appears in Journal of Mass Spectrometry and is featured as the journal cover.
May SMG gives a talk at the 58th Annual American Society for Mass Spectrometry Meeting featuring Jessica’s collaboration with Sarah Trimpin (Wayne State U.) elucidating polymer architecture using Ion Mobility Spectrometry in tandem with Electrospray Mass Spectrometry.
May Mallory’s full paper on the thiolene-click functionalization of oxazoline polymers appears in Macromolecules.
March Mallory gives a talk about her thiolene functionalized oxazoline monomers at the ACS meeting in San Francisco.
March Dawanne presents a paper on her amphiphilic start polymers at the ACS meeting in San Francisco.
March Yejia presents two posters, and Mallory and Dawanne both present one poster at the ASC meeting in San Francisco.
February The Gibb-Grayson collaboration (Bruce Gibb, UNO) on investigating dendronized cavitands is highlighted in Soft Matter.

December SMG gives invited keynote talk at the 11th Pacific Polymer Conference in Cairns, Australia.
September Jessica’s paper on the preparation and degradation of cyclic poly(esters) appears in Macromolecules.
August Yi receives Arlo Harris Award for outstanding first year graduate student.
August Dr. M. Ejaz joins the Grayson Research Group.
August SMG receives NSF CAREER Award (ARRA) to pursue research related to cyclic polymers.
July SMG give invited talk at the Polymers Gordon Research Conference (Mt. Holyoke, MA).
June Boyd’s review on synthetic approach for preparing cyclic polymers appears in Chem. Soc. Rev.
May Dawanne’s 2008 Macromolecules paper is featured in a special Virtual Issue of Macromolecules featuring “Click Chemistry in Macromolecular Science.
May Marco's and Roy's synthesis of dendronized cavitands appears in a special dendrimer themed issue of Israel Journal of Chemistry.
May Swati receives the Alworth Prize, Gesine receives the ACS Honors Award, and Brian receives the Merck Index Award for graduating seniors.

October Lin receives grant from Newcomb Institute to pursue her undergraduate research project.
October Marco's and Roy's communication on dendronized cavitands (in collaborations with the Gibb group at UNO) appears in J. Am. Chem. Soc.
September SMG awarded Tulane's Presidential Early Career Development Award.
August SMG gives a talk at the Philadelphia ACS on supramolecular chemistry of polymers.
June Dawanne's manuscript on the synthesis of cyclic block-copolymer appears in Macromolecules.
May Gesine receives the Ann Hero Northrup Prize, for excellence in undergraduate chemistry.
May Brian receives ACS Award for outstanding graduating senior in chemistry.
April Boyd to present his research at the ACS "Excellence in Graduate Polymer Science Research" symposium.
April The Grayson group to present 10 posters and 3 talks at the New Orleans ACS meeting.
April SMG and Prof. W. Godbey's review appears in the Journal of Drug Targeting.
March SMG gives invited talk at NIST's MALDI-TOF MS Workshop.
March Boyd's JACS paper is ranked by JACS as the 18th most cited from 2006.
February Kaitlin's senior thesis project is published in Tetrahedron Letters.

November Gesine receives a Newcomb grant for her undergraduate research project.
October Swati receives a Provost FSSE grant for her undergraduate research.
September SMG awarded ACS PRG-G Grant.
August Roy receives first place poster Award for his summer LAMP research project.
July Boyd awarded Arlo Harris Award for outstanding graduate student.
May SMG gives invited lecture at Canadian Society of Chemistry Conference.
May Kaitlin awarded ACS Award for outstanding graduating senior.
May Mallory receives Outstanding First Year Graduate Student Award.

September SMG (as co-PI) awarded NSF-MRI grant for Chemistry department’s acquisition of MALDI-TOF MS and ESI MS.
September Dawanne and Boyd present posters at the San Francisco ACS.
August SMG awarded Louisiana Board of Regents RCS Grant.
August Jessica awarded Board of Regents Fellowship.
August Mallory awarded Board of Regents Fellowship.
May SMG awarded Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award.
April Boyd’s JACS paper reviewed as “research highlight” in Nature Materials.
March Boyd’s publication on “click” cyclization of polymers appears in JACS.
February SMG (as co-PI) awarded NIH grant to study transdermal vaccination.

December Grayson group returns home to New Orleans!
September Grayson group hosted by Karen Wooley at Washington University in St. Louis.
August Evacuation of New Orleans due to Katrina.
August Boyd awarded Board of Regents Fellowship.
July Dawanne, Board of Regents fellow, joins Grayson group.

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