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April 29, 2011

"Evolutionary conserved transcriptional response toward BMP signaling in developing mouse and xenopus embryos"

Ken Cho, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair
Department of Developmental and Cell Biology
University of California Irvine

102 Jones Hall

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One Year Masters Program in Cell and Molecular Biology


Student Comments About the Program

"My experience with the program is evidence for its effectiveness:  I got placed high enough on a waiting list that I am certain to attend medical school in the fall.  . . . The program was exactly what my medical school application file needed.  Having had poor grades at the beginning of my college career and then a sharp increase in GPA during my last year, I needed to prove that my newly found achievement was not fleeting.  Taking graduate science classes and performing well proved that, and therefore granted me admission to my top choice school.   . . . The program offers both research opportunities and hospital experience opportunities that put students in an advantageous position for admissions.  The Master's program was exactly what I needed and I know there are a lot of students in similar situations as me.  I'm sure that it will serve them as well as it's served me."  Gene, 2005 graduate, currently enrolled at the University of Washington Medical School

"You don't know how much I talked about our seminar/Ochsner program in my medical school interviews.  Students need to be reminded that just because it is a requirement for school, doesn't mean that we can't brag about the awesome skills we are learning in the hospital to medical school interviewers.  They ate it up.  They loved that we talked about ethics in medicine and that we focused on patient psycho-social skills in the hospital.  That was always the home-run in interviews.  It really gives us all great experience.  As Dr. Scott at USA told us, they know we are all going to be good medical students; they are looking for those who will make good doctors."  Elizabeth, 2005 graduate, currently enrolled at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine at New Orleans

"I feel this masters program made a significant difference on my grad school applications.  For me, the CMB one year masters program served as a good supplement to my undergraduate engineering education and provided me with the opportunity to get into the grad schools of my choice."  Philip, 2005 graduate, enrolled in doctoral program at Cal Tech

"Going into a one-year program, I was concerned about how everything would come together in such a short amount of time.  The support of the faculty and staff were the component that allowed a smooth transition into the program and navigation through. . . . I do feel that each person is dealt with on their own merit by faculty and staff.  Some of the students need more support than others and those that do, receive it.  It is nice to be a part of an environment where you know that there are several places you can go to get help for any particular issue, be it academic, personal, or otherwise and be listened to."  Kimberly, 2005 graduate, currently enrolled in the Forensic Science Program at George Washington University

"Another pro was the sense of community in the graduate program.  . . . I think it was really cool that students and teacher talk after the end of each class, rather than hurrying off like most people.  This sense of community was something I have not previously experienced during my education, and was something that I do not think was present in the other masters programs."  Derek, 2005 graduate, currently enrolled at Tulane Medical School

"I also personally appreciated the advice and insight you [Dr. Grisbaum] gave us about med school and the medical field in general.  . . . Talking about the process of getting into medical school, residency, and medicine as a career had a real calming effect for me.  During those classes, instead of feeling out of the loop, I felt like I was a part of something, a process that will eventually lead me to medicine."  Jamie, Spring 2005 graduate, currently enrolled at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine at Shreveport

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