Upcoming seminars:

April 29, 2011

"Evolutionary conserved transcriptional response toward BMP signaling in developing mouse and xenopus embryos"

Ken Cho, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair
Department of Developmental and Cell Biology
University of California Irvine

102 Jones Hall

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Our Graduate Students


Chun Chen

  Chun Chen
  Started Fall 2010
  University of Science and Technology, China- BS



Fading Chen  Fading Chen 
  Entered Fall 2009
  S.E. University, China, BMT
  Laboratory: Dr. Ben Hall 



Lindsay Dawson  Lindsay Dawson
Started Fall 2008
  BS, Biology, Sonoma State University
  Laboratory: Dr. Ken Muneoka


  Juhee Haam
Entered Fall 2006
  BS, Biological Sciences, Seoul National University
  Laboratory: Dr. Jeffrey Tasker 



Wen Han 

  Wen Han
Started Fall 2010
  Nanjing Normal University China BS


  Christina Harris
Entered Fall 2004
  BS, Biology, University of Missouri at Columbia
  Laboratory: Dr. Jeffrey Tasker





  Tia Hexom
Entered Fall 2004
  BS, Biology, University of Sioux Falls
  Laboratory: Dr. Jeffrey Tasker



Lisa Hua

  Lisa Hua
  Entered Fall 2008
  BS, Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology
  University of California, Davis
  MS, Cell and Molecular Biology, Tulane University



  Felicia Huynh

   Felicia Huynh
   Started Fall 2010
   BA, Biology, Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.
   Laboratory: Frank Jones   



  Zhiying Jiang
Entered fall 2007
  BS, Life Science and Biotechnology, College of Life Science, Wuhan University, China
  Laboratory: Dr. Jeffrey Tasker




Liu Chao

  Chao Liu 
Entered Fall 2006.
  BS, China Medical University. MS, Fujian Normal University.
  Laboratory: Dr. Yiping Chen





   Amanda Mahnke
   Entered Fall 2007
   BS Biological Chemistry and Political Science, Tulane University
   Laboratory: Dr. Fiona Inglis




     Jennifer Rainwell

   Jennifer Rainville
   Entered Fall 2010
   BA, Biology, St. Olaf College
   MS, Cell & Molecular Biology, Tulane University
   Laboratory: Dr. Nandini Vasudevan


 Jennifer Simkin
Jennifer Simkin
   Entered Fall 2008
   BS Ecology/Evolutionary Biology and Cell/Molecular Biology, Tulane University
   Laboratory: DrKen Muneoka

Cheng Sun
  Cheng Sun
Entered Fall 2008
  Laboratory: Dr. YiPing Chen





  Tumay Tunur
  Entered Fall 2006
  BS in Biology, Middle East Technical University
  Laboratory: In Rotation



Karen Wang  Karen Wang
  Started Fall 2009
  BS, BFA, Brandeis University
  Laboratory: Dr. Muneoka


 Wenduo Ye

  Wendou Ye
  Started Fall 2010
  Xiamen University, China MS, BS

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