Ken Muneoka

Ken Muneoka, PhD

John L. and Mary Wright Ebaugh Chair in Science and Engineering
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA  70118


Dr. Muneoka has been a member of the Cell and Molecular Biology faculty since 1986 and served as Chair of the department from 1993 to 2005. He has held the John L. and Mary Wright Ebaugh Chair in Science and Engineering since 2006.  Dr. Muneoka's primary research interests are in limb development and regeneration, pattern formation, wound healing, cell migration, and growth control. His research is presently funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health and the Army Research Office. Dr. Muneoka teaches CELL 413, Embryology, and CELL 608, Advanced Developmental and Cell Biology II.


Undergraduate Lecture Courses:

   Cell and Molecular Biology (1986-1990)
   Cell Biology (1991-1998)
   General Biology (1995)
   Embryology (1995-2006)

Graduate Lecture Courses:

   Advanced Cell and Developmental Biology I & II (1987-2004, team taught)
   Pattern Formation (1987)
   Mammalian Development (1987-1989)
   Developmental Neurobiology (1988, team taught)
   Growth Factors and Oncogenes (1989)
   Amphibian Development (1989, team taught)

Lectures in other courses:

   Medical Embryology (1990-2002)
   Methods in Neurobiology (1991-1999)

Lab Courses:

   Cell Biology Lab (1993-1994)
   Embryology Lab (1995-2006)
   Embryology Service Learning (2000-2004)


Current Support:

BMP and FGF signaling in mammalian digit regeneration, K. Muneoka, P.I., NICHD, R01 HD043277, 2/1/04 – 1/31/10, 20% academic effort.

Genetic Control of Limb Development, R. Kosher, P.I., NICHD, P01 HD022610, Project 1, R. Kosher, PI, K. Muneoka, co-PI, 5/1/05 – 3/31/10, 4% academic effort.

Genetic Control of Limb Development, R. Kosher, P.I., NICHD, P01 HD022610, Project 3, K. Muneoka, PI, 5/1/05 – 3/31/10, 11% academic effort.

Digit Regeneration in Mammals- Phase I & Phase II, Ken Muneoka, P.I., DARPA, W911NF-06-1-0161, 5/15/06-11/14/10, K. Muneoka, PI/PD, 5 subcontracts, 50% academic effort.

Application of Systems Biology to Regenerative Medicine, Ken Muneoka, P.I., ARO/MURI, W911NF-09-1-0305, 7/1/09 – 6/30/12, K. Muneoka, PI/PD, 2 subcontracts, 5% academic effort.

Past Support: 

De novo generation of mammalian tooth from stem cells, YiPing Chen, PI, K. Muneoka, Co-PI, NIH/NIDCR R01 DE 015123, 6/1/03 – 5/31/07.

Msx genes in wound healing and regeneration, K. Muneoka, P.I., NICHD, R01- HD35245, 4/1/97 - 3/31/02.

Retinoids as morphogenetic disruptors in the environment, K. Muneoka, Co-P.I., CCD, Univ. of Mississippi Medical Center subcontract, R04-CCR419466-01, 7/2/20 – 7/1/02.

North American Anuran Toxicity Assay, K. Muneoka, PI, DOD/DTRA, 4/1/99 – 3/31/00
Morphogenetic Disruptors in the Environment: Retinoid Signaling and Amphibian Embryos, K. Muneoka, PI, DOD/DSWA, 10/1/99 – 7/31/00.

Heart Morphogenesis, K. Muneoka, P.I., American Heart Association, Louisiana Affiliates, 7/1/94 - 6/30/97.

Molecular basis of Cadmium toxicity, K. Muneoka, P.I., DoD/DNA FY96 Bioenvironmental Hazards Research Program, 7/1/96-6/30/97.

Analysis of growth control in developing mouse limbs, K. Muneoka, P.I., NICHD - R29-HD23921, 3/1/88 - 2/28/95.

Limb Development and Regeneration in Mice, PI – K. Muneoka, The Monsanto Company, 1/1/88 - 12/31/94.

Limb Regeneration in Mammals, PI: S.V. Bryant, UC Irvine, Co-PI: K. Muneoka, NICHD, R01-HD20662, 6/1/87 - 5/31/91.

Experimental analysis of in vivo growth control during normal and mutant limb development in the mouse embryo, PI – K. Muneoka, LEQSF, Subprogram A, 6/1/87 - 3/1/88.

"In vivo rescue of tumorigenic cells in the mouse embryo", PI – K. Muneoka, Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans, 1/1/87 - 12/31/87.

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