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Ethics May Be the Next Challenge For Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Brent Venable, associate professor at Tulane’s Department of Computer Science, now has a grant from the Future of Life Institute, funded by Elon Musk to investigate safety in self-driving cars.

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Amped Up for Artificial Intelligence

Computer scientists (including Tulane’s Brent Venable) are in the thick of the hot field of artificial intelligence. They touch lives in all kinds of ways from programming ethics into self-driving cars to interpreting how the brain reads sounds.

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Mapping Her Own Way

Wenk and collaborators Yusu Wang from Ohio State University and Brittany Fasy from Montana State University recently received a $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. The team uses graphs representing road networks as a framework for analyzing network data.

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Tulane’s Department of Computer Science Is Hiring!

The Computer Science Department anticipates multiple hires at all levels as it continues to build its new program. This year we are particularly pleased to announce the Yahoo! Founder Chair in systems. The Yahoo! Founder Chair will anchor a new research group in systems, an area where we expect to make multiple hires. We invite interested applicants to contact the department chair, Professor Michael Mislove, at about their potential candidacy. We also anticipate hires in machine learning. These positions are open at all ranks. Each of the successful candidates has the possibility of a joint appointment with IHMC. Our goal is to continue to develop a distinguished faculty representing a broad range of areas of computer science. For more information, follow the link above to Open Positions.

Upcoming Seminars Upcoming Seminars

  • OCT23
    Topic TBA

    Speaker: Ihab Ilyas, University of Waterloo

  • DEC01
    Topic TBA

    Speaker: Alexandros Labrinidis, University of Pittsburgh

Welcome to the Tulane Department
of Computer Science

Message from the Chair »

Welcome to the Tulane University Computer Science web site. Our department is now in its fifth year, and our innovative computer science program has reached some important milestones:

  • We have seven tenured/tenure-track faculty and one Professor of Practice, and we anticipate hiring an additional two faculty members this year to achieve the critical mass needed for our program.
  • We have made three important hires over the last two years:
    • Brian Summa works in scientific visualization and large data,
    • Parisa Kordjamshidi works in machine learning with applications to Natural Language Processing, and
    • Zizhan Zheng works in networks, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

      This expands our research into important applied areas of computer science; information about all our faculty and their research interests can be found under Faculty in the Menu at the top of this page.
  • Thirteen students completed our undergraduate coordinate major last year, and nineteen students are on track to graduate this year.
  • Our recent undergraduates have found jobs in computer science, and several are pursuing PhD degrees. In fact, a number of our students have TAs at leading PhD programs: last year our students were offered TAs at UPenn, UNC, UVa, and Northeastern, just to name a few institutions.
  • Our Interdisciplinary PhD program is in its second year, and now has four students enrolled.
  • Diversity is a highlight across our programs: our faculty is 50% female, as is our Interdisciplinary PhD program, and women students make up a large proportion of our undergraduate program.
  • We just submitted a proposal for a stand-alone PhD program. We anticipate approval later this year, and we hope to admit the first class of students to the program next fall.
  • Our faculty has attracted a number of significant research awards: Brent Venable and Ram Mettu have NIH grants, Carola Wenk has just been awarded two NSF grants, and Mike Mislove is the lead PI on a DoD MURI project that involves three other institutions (Stanford, UIowa, and UPenn).

We are hiring, with a particular focus on filling the Yahoo! Founder Chair. Our interest is to recruit a leading researcher who will be an anchor for our research and whose leadership and collaborations will propel the department to the forefront in the application of computer science to related disciplines. For more details, see the notice to the right on this page. 

Our program emphasizes both core computer science and its application to related areas in the sciences and engineering, as well as the health and social sciences. We are committed to becoming a leading department whose faculty and students are recognized nationally and internationally for their research. Our educational goal is to be a leader in training the next generation of computer scientists who work at applying computer science at the interface with related disciplines.

We welcome inquiries about our program - please email me at with your questions and comments. Also, please visit this space often for information about the progress of Tulane Computer Science.

Mike Mislove, Chair



303 Stanley Thomas Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5785