The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. We pursue our scientific and educational missions in integrative biology by discovering new knowledge and by providing a rich learning and mentoring environment for undergraduate and graduate students. We provide our students with analytical and technological skills for a wide range of disciplines, from biology, environmental science, and conservation to law, medicine, and public health. We study organisms, populations, communities, and ecosystems as we focus our efforts on ecology, evolution, conservation, and global change. We emphasize academic inquiry in tropical and river/coastal biology. Undergraduate and graduate students collaborate in the creation and dissemination of knowledge about organisms and their environments.

Morgan Furlong 37 – Jk Lab – Jun 2018

Undergraduate Research

The Karubian molecular lab is a great place for undergraduate research opportunities. Junior Morgan Furlong received a grant from Newcomb-Tulane to fund her summer research analyzing rates of sexual promiscuity among white shouldered fairy wrens.

Kiah Williams Grand Isle

Conservation Biology

Kiah Williams a PhD student in Caz Taylor’s lab conducts a breeding survey for Wilson’s Plover (WIPL) at Grand Isle State Park. She hopes to use the WIPL data to study the effects of dune renourishment on shorebird survivorship & fecundity along the coast.

TUBRI Stem Outreach - Spring 2018

Educational Outreach

Tulane University Biodiversity Research Institute (TUBRI) houses the largest collection of preserved fish specimens in the US. Curator Justin Mann & his staff bring choice specimens from the collection to schools and STEM programs around New Orleans.

Farrer Lab Field Work Celebration - Birnbaum, Schroeder, Wilber

Gulf Restoration Research

Christina Birnbaum, William Wilber and Carolyn Schroeder celebrate after a day of grueling field work in a remote area of Jean Lafitte National Park. Their work involved conducting vegetation surveys and collecting soil & root samples for DNA analysis.

Ornithology Class - Modeling Bird Adaptations - Feb 2017

Learning Is Fun!

Dr. Donata Henry and her Ornithology class show off their bird adaptation models such as a woodpecker tongue, great crested flycatcher and bird of paradise ornamental plumage, the keel bone and the alula. A rare instance the class isn’t on a field trip!


Department News


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Tulane is the home of the largest preserved fish collection in the world and recently received an additional 85,000 specimens…

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Exposure to high levels of lead in the environment could make mockingbirds more aggressive…

Grad Student Wins Student Paper Award »

Article from Luke Browne’s PhD defense lab wins Organization of Tropical Studies’ Student Paper Award…

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Departmental Vision

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology will be recognized as a center for solution-based science in ecology and evolutionary biology. The foci will be tropical and river-coast ecosystems. We will conduct translational research: basic scientific advance is not only an end in itself but also a means to providing solutions to global environmental challenges. The Department will provide students with the theory and skills needed to question, discover, understand and restore.

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