Graduate Student Directory

Graduate Student Directory

Name Email Research
Alexander Ameen PhD - Wetland Ecology, Ecogeomorphology
Mae Berlow PhD
Luke Browne PhD - Plant-Animal Interactions
Susan Chiasson PhD - Ecotoxicology
Casey Coomes PhD
Lydia Crawford PhD
Michael Cyrana PhD
Zoe Diaz-Martin PhD - Tropical ecology and plant-animal interactions
Erik Enbody PhD
Stephen Formel PhD
Brock Geary PhD
Bruno Ghersi PhD
Sarah Giltz PhD
John Herbert PhD
John Jones PhD
Cody Kent PhD
Sarah Khalil PhD
Elizabeth Kimbrough PhD - Endophytic Fungi and Bacteria
Samantha Lantz PhD - Behavioral Ecology, Speciation
Sara Lipshutz PhD - Behavioral Ecology, Evolution of Sexual Signals and Hybridization
Maggie MacPherson PhD - Ornithology
Kimberly Mighell PhD - Plant-Fungal Interactions, Community Ecology
Anna Peterson PhD
Jennifer Phillips PhD - Behavioral ecology
Katherine Sgouros PhD - Ichthyology, taxonomy and systematics
Christen Steele PhD
Jennifer Summers PhD
Peter Tellez PhD

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