Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Faculty

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Keith Clay

Keith ClayProfessor and Chair

Website: Dr. Clay's Website
Field of Research: Dr. Clay's research focuses on interspecific interactions, particularly symbiotic interactions. He is interested in how specific symbiotic interactions affect larger scale ecological and evolutionary processes. A variety of systems from vertebrates to bacteria are utilized, with an emphasis on plants and arthropods.

Kathleen Ferris

Kathleen G. FerrisAssistant Professor

Website: Dr. Ferris' Website
Field of Research: Dr. Ferris is an evolutionary geneticist currently working on the genetic basis and adaptive significance of population level and phenotypically plastic variation in leaf shape along an elevational cline in the cutleaf monkeyflower, Mimulus laciniatus. She previously worked on the genetics of environmental adaptation in wild house mice, Mus domesticus, across the Americas, and she investigated the genetic and phenotypic basis of adaptation to granite outcrops in the yellow monkey flowers, or Mimulus guttatus species complex. She uses an integrative approach that combines quantitative genetic, population genomic, manipulative experimental, and field based approaches to examine adaptation to harsh environments across systems.

Alex Gunderson

Alex R. Gunderson Assistant Professor

Website: Dr. Gunderson's Website
Field of Research: Dr. Gunderson's research addresses two broad and interrelated questions: 1) What makes species and populations vulnerable to anthropogenic global change? and 2) How do organisms evolve in response to climatic variation? He investigates these questions across a range of spatial and temporal scales while applying a variety of approaches, including organismal and molecular physiology, behavior, field ecology, and experimental biology.

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Henry L. Bart

Henry L. Bart, Jr.Professor

Phone: (504) 862-8283
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 4054 Stern
Website: Dr. Bart's Website
Field of Research: Ecology and Systematics of Freshwater Fishes and Amphibians
Dorothy Cheruiyot

Dorothy CheruiyotProfessor of the Practice

Phone: (504) 862-8280
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 422 Boggs
Field of Research: Plants and animal interactions, elemental defense, biointeraction between elements and organic defense chemicals, trophic transfer of elements
Dr. Emily Farrer

Emily C. FarrerAssistant Professor

Phone: (504) 862-8288
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 308 ESB/Israel
Website: Dr. Farrer's Website
Fields of Research: Plant Ecology, Plant-Microbe Interactions, Global Change Biology, Invasive Species, Wetland Ecology, Population Genetics, Botany
heins website pic

David C. HeinsProfessor, Department chair & fellow, linnean society of london

Phone: (504) 862-8293
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 4027 Stern Hall
Website: Dr. Heins' Website
Fields of Research: Ecology and Life-History Evolution of Fishes, Host-Parasite Relationships
Donata R. Henry

Donata R. HenrySenior Professor Of The Practice

Phone: (504) 862-8299
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 431 Boggs Hall
Website: Dr. Henry's Website
Fields of Research: Ornithology and Ecology
Jordan Karubian

Jordan KarubianAssociate Professor

Phone: (504) 865-5549
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 306 ESB/Israel
Website: Dr. Karubian's Website
Fields of Research: Sexual Selection, Tropical Ecology, Conservation Biology
Tim McLean

Tim McLeanProfessor of the Practice

Phone: (504) 247-1553
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 430 Boggs
Fields of Research: Molecular Marine Microbiology
Ribeiro 2

Dr. Renata Durães RibeiroProfessor of the Practice

Phone: (504) 862-8286
Fax: (504) 862-8706
  Office: 428 Boggs
  Website: Dr. Ribeiro's Website
  Fields of Research: Avian ecology, behavior, conservation and evolution
Thomas W. Sherry

Thomas W. SherryProfessor & Acting Chair

Phone: (504) 862-8296
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 4024 Percival Stern
Website: Dr. Sherry's Website
Fields of Research: Bird Population Ecology and Conservation Biology
Caz Taylor

Caz TaylorAssociate Professor

Phone: (504) 865-5172
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 426 Boggs
Website: Caz Taylor's Website
Fields of Research: Population Biology of Migratory & Invasive Species, Wetlands Ecology
Sunshine A. Van Bael

Sunshine A. Van BaelAssistant Professor

Phone: (504) 862-8291
Fax: (504) 862-8706
Office: 364 ESB/Israel
Website: Dr. Van Bael's Website
Field of Research: Tropical ecology, plant-insect-fungal interactions, multi-trophic interactions, coastal and wetland ecology

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Michael Doosey, Ph.D.Visiting Assistant Professor

Phone: (504) 247-1549
Office: 4017 Stern
Website: Dr. Doosey's Website
Dr. Julia Sonn

Julia Sonn, Ph.D.Visiting Assistant Professor

Phone: (504) 247-1549
Office: 4017 Stern

Top ⇑Emeritus Faculty

Stuart S. BamforthProfessor Emeritus of Biology


John H. CarusoSenior Professor of the Practice Emeritus

Ph.D., Tulane, 1975


Research Interests: Systematics of marine fishes, especially chaunacid and lophiid anglerfishes, and deep-sea fishes of the Gulf of Mexico.

Steven P. DarwinProfessor Emeritus

Ph.D., Massachusetts, 1976


Research Interests: Flowering plant evolution and classification; botany of Pacific Island plants; plant phylogenetics and biogeography; flora of the southeastern United States and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.

Harold A. DundeeProfessor Emeritus of Biology

Ph.D., Michigan, 1958

Curator: Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles, Tulane University Museum of Natural History
Chairman: Chairman of the Louisiana Reptile and Amphibian Task Force, an advisory body to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
Research Interests: Relationships between tarantulas, large spiders, and frogs. Natural history and distribution of Louisiana reptiles and amphibians. Laws and regulations for collecting and/or sale of Louisiana native herpetofauna. Actual correct citations of literature, especially older books in biology.

Milton F. FingermanProfessor Emeritus of Biology

Research Interests: Crustacean Biology, Endocrine Mechanisms, Color Changes, Growth, and Reproduction.

Bruce E. FleurySenior Professor of the Practice Emeritus

Ph.D., Tulane, 1996


Research Interests: Ornithology, Dinosaur Biology, Bird-Human Interaction.

Lindy Boggs Building, Room 400, New Orleans, LA 70118-5698, 504-865-5191