LUMCON Marine Center

LUMCONThe LUMCON (Louisiana University Marine Consortium) Marine Center, housed in Cocodrie, Louisiana, about 85 miles southwest of New Orleans, conducts educational and research programs with Louisiana universities. Here at Tulane in the EE Biology Department, students take spring break and summer courses in Marine Science, our marine biology courses take field trips, and some of our faculty members carry out research – at LUMCON. In addition, opportunities for research, both on the undergraduate and graduate level exist there!

For more information on LUMCON, visit their web site at: There you will find information on courses offered, research programs being conducted, summer assistantships, faculty specializations and more. On this page are pictures taken by Dr. Thomas Bianchi of the Geology Department. His research is primarily in the area of biogeochemistry, and he utilizes the facilities and expertise at LUMCON regularly to assist in his research programs.

At top right, two of Dr. Bianchi's former graduate students, Corey Lambert and Amy Bennett, prepare a soil core from the Gulf of Mexico for analysis. At lower left, is a picture of one of LUMCON's sampling vessels, and at lower right, is a photo of biogeochemical sampling equipment.

LUMCON Vessellumcon_hardware

Lindy Boggs Building, Room 400, New Orleans, LA 70118-5698, 504-865-5191