T. Jade Mohajerin Haug

Tahmineh Jade HaugDissertation Focus:
Thiotungstates in Groundwater

Undergraduate Degree:
B.S. in Biology, University of Texas at Austin, 1998

Karen Johannesson




Mohajerin, T. J., Neal, A. W., Telfeyan, K., Sasihharan, S. M.,Ford, S.; Yang, N., Chevis, D. A., Grimm, D. A., Satta, S., White, C. D., Johannesson, K. H. (2014) Geochemistry of tungsten and arsenic in aquifer systems: A comparative study of groundwaters from West Bengal, India and Nevada, USA. Water Air and Soil Polution 225 1792.

Johannesson, K. H., Dave, H. B., Mohajerin, T. J., and Datta, S. (2013) Controls on tungsten concentrations in groundwater flow systems:  The role of adsorption, aquifer sediment Fe(III) oxide/oxyhydroxide content, and thiotungstate formation. Chemical Geology (315). 76-94.  PDF Version

Datta S., Neal A. W., Mohajerin T. J., Ocheltree T., Rosenheim B. E., White C. D., and Johannesson K. H. (2011) Perennial ponds are not an important source of water or dissolved organic matter to groundwaters with high arsenic concentrations in West Bengal, India. Geophysical Research Letters 38, L20404, doi:10.1029/2011GL049301 (

Pearcy, C. A., Chevis, D. A., Haug, T. J., Jeffries, H. A., Yang, N., Tang, J., Grimm, D. A., and Johannesson, K. H. (2011) Evidence of microbially mediated arsenic mobilization from sediments of the Aquia aquifer, Maryland, USA. Applied Geochemistry 26, 575-586.

Oral Presentation AGU:

Mohajerin, T. J., Johannesson, K. H., Kolker, A., Burdige, D. J., Chevis, D. (2011) Rare earth element analysis indicates micropollutants in an urban estuary. Abstract H34C-01 presented at 2011 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, 5-9 Dec.

Poster presentations:

*Mohajerin, T. Jade and Karen Johannesson. (2012). Determining thiotungstate stability constants for low temperature, low ionic strength aqueous solutions. Poster 16L. 197 presented at Goldschmidt, Montreal. 24-29 June.

 *Neal, A., Haug, J., Johannesson, K., Purkait, B. , Datta, S. (2010) Comparative geochemical analysis of arsenic hotspots and low-As areas in Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.  Geochmica et Cosomochimica Acta 74, A751-A751.

Najmabadi, H., Karimi-nejad, R., Timorian, S., Pourfarzad, F., Homayounpour, S., Karimi-nejad, A., Lashkarian, N., Nabavi, N., *Mohajerin, T., Karimi-nejad, M. (1999) Beta Thalassemia mutation spectrum and prenatal diagnosis in Iranian population.  American Journal of Human Genetics 65 A368-A368.

*Hobson, C., Johannesson, K., Haug, T., Telfeyan, K., Tappero, R., Datta, S. (2012)  Mineralogical and geochemical investigation of tungsten in natural environments: An emerging contaminant Poster 16L. 198 presented at Goldschmidt, Montreal. 24-29 June

 *Sasidharan, S. M., Telfeyan, K., Ford, S., Neal, A., Haug, T. J., Johannesson, K., Datta, S. (2012) Field scale investigation of geochemical parameters controlling high and low As occurrence in Murshidabad District, West Bengal: India Poster 16L. 199 presented at Goldschmidt, Montreal. 24-29 June


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