William Matt Benson, M.S. Graduate Student

My Research

William Matt Benson I double majored in Geology and Economics at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. At Washington and Lee my research focused on assessing live coral cover and carbonate production across time, depth, and space in the Caribbean. After undergraduate, I was looking to do quantitative based research on clastics, so I came to Tulane. During my time at Tulane, I have used the Tulane Delta Basin to conduct two physical delta experiments, the sole difference between the two being the inclusion of a polymer that enhances sediment cohesion and promotes channelization from subcritical Froude number flows. The goal of my research is to develop transfer functions that describe how information pertaining to paleo-topography and morphodynamics is stored in stratigraphy.

My Life at Tulane

Life as a graduate student at Tulane has been very rewarding. Research requires a serious mental, physical, and temporal commitment that pays dividends in the form of a great data set. New Orleans is an amazing city to call home, and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I currently wish the ceiling of the mezzanine in the sediment dynamics lab was just a foot higher.

101 Blessey Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, 504-865-5198