Kat Telfeyan, Ph.D. Graduate Student

My Research

Kat TelfeyanI came to Tulane to study geochemistry under Dr. Johannesson. My undergraduate research included projects on arsenic contamination in Bangladesh and Bajan corals as temperature and salinity proxies, and I am continuing similar topics for my Ph.D. I am currently researching the rare earth element distribution in the different skeletal fractions of modern Mexican stromatolites using a scheme by Tessier et al. (1979). My second proposal will most likely include studying trace contaminants in hydrologic systems in Louisiana.

My Life at Tulane

As a graduate student, I am learning how to incorporate what I learn from scientific literature and from my classes into my research. The biggest change from my undergraduate education is the emphasis on research and the expectations to independently challenge myself and set up the right questions and goals for my dissertation. Graduate school has also been an introduction into the scientific community and the current problems being studied.

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