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Jeanne S.F. Phelps

Jeanne S.F. Phelps Office Phone: 281-398-5208
Cell Phone: 504-931-5651

Jeanne S. F. Phelps, '81, with daughter, Melanie, at the top of Edinburgh Castle. To quote Jeanne, "I had a great time in a pub in Scotland this summer. Weather and people were wonderful and I recommend it to everyone. The pub was in Fiencarine Scotland."

E. Blanche Ramsey

E. Blanche Ramsey GeoSight LLC
Personalized GeoSteering Services
7E Racing Cloud Ct.
The Woodlands, TX 77381
Cell Phone: 713-825-4423

I founded GeoSight LLC as a geologic consulting business in 2008. I specialize in GeoSteering East Texas Jurassic and Cretaceous tight gas and oil horizontal wells. However, given my broad geologic background, I can quickly transition to new reservoirs. Since founding GeoSight, I have successfully GeoSteered over 50 horizontal wells across East Texas in numerous different reservoirs.

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