Appalachian Fieldtrip - Mt. Cheaha Alabama

Appalachian FieldtripThe objectives of the trip are to map and collect data from a fold developed in Cheaha quartzite in the vicinity of Pyriton, Alabama. Field data should be recorded in your field notebook and on your map. You'll need enough data for the next lab session, which will be on determining fold type using stereonets; be sure to collect data on lineations, as well as foliations. Note that the low-grade nature of the metamorphism here also permits documentation of sedimentary structures. Be prepared to turn in all field notes, maps, stereoplots, a field report etc. See the MyTulane Blackboard site to download trip handouts, background literature and further logistical information.

We will also look at a number of deformational features within greenschist facies rocks of the Lay Dam Group, a mylonite zone, and multiply deformed aplite intrusions in the Elkahatchee quartz diorite.

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