Courses Not Frequently Taught

EENS 3800 – Environmental Analysis Lab (3)

Website: Environmental Analysis Laboratory

Environmental Analysis. Introduction to basic analytical techniques commonly used in environmental science, with a focus on aqueous and soil/sediment matrixes. Includes determination of solids, alkalinity and hardness, adsorption isotherms, oxygen content, conductivity, as well as spectrometric and chromatographic techniques and soil metals analysis.

EENS 4240 – Advanced Oceanography (3)

A broad survey of biological, chemical, physical, and geological oceanography with a brief historical overview and consideration of current concepts. There will also be an examination of biogeochemical relationships at macroscales, mesoscales, and microscales in the ocean. Same as EBIO 4220.

EENS 6130 – Principles of Paleobiology (3)

Prerequisites: EBIO 1010, EENS 1120/1140, EENS 6090, or approval of instructor

Selected topics on macroevolutionary theories; phylogeny and the fossil records of metazoans; Major events in the history of life; Patterns of biodiversity through geological time; Taphonomy; Paleoecology. Same as EBIO 6130. 

EENS 6140 – Igneous Petrology (3)

Staff: Dr. Nelson
Prerequisites: EENS 2120 and approval of instructor

An in-depth study of the origins of igneous rocks from the standpoint of experimental investigations, thermodynamics, trace elements, radiogenic isotopes, and field investigations. Includes a laboratory.

EENS 6190 – Marine Geology (3)

Prerequisites: EENS 1110/1130 or 1210

Survey of marine plate boundaries, ocean floor morphology, and paleooceanology and sedimentary history of the ocean basins and their margins.

EENS 6290 – Sedimentary Geochemistry (3)

Prerequisite: EENS 3270 or approval of instructor

Quantitative aspects of early sediment diagenesis. The topics examined include: sediment deposition, resuspension, bioturbation and accumulation; redox reactions; diffusion and desorption of dissolved species; and organic matter decomposition and storage. These basic concepts will be used to examine early diagenesis in a range of sedimentary environments.

EENS 6500 – Micropaleontology (3)

Staff: TBA
Prerequisites: EENS 6090, EENS 4090 or elementary biology

The foraminifera, ostracoda, nannofossils, conodonts and other groups of microfossils. Lectures and laboratory.

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