New Orleans Geological Society Scholarship Award Winners for 2009 - 2010

NOGS 2010-2011 Award Winners

The Board of Trustees of the New Orleans Geological Society (NOGS) Memorial Foundation approved these students for scholarships for 2009-2010. The students received their awards at the September 2010 meeting. Left to right, Jordan Doig (Senior Award), Holly Jeffries (Junior Award), Stephen Nelson (Department Chair), Austin Nijhuis (George Schneider Award), Jianwei Han (Graduate Award) and Tom Klekamp (NOGS President).

Graduate Award

Jianwei Han - Overall GPA 3.92, Geology GPA 3.91

Jianwei was born in Harbin, a big city in the northeast of China. After finishing high school in his hometown, he went to Beijing to continue his studies. He received both his bachelor (2005) and master (2008) degrees in physical geography from Peking University. His research at Peking University focused on the response of ecosystems to climate change. Based on remote sensing and modeling methods, he monitored and simulated the water transfer in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum of typical steppe in Inner Mongolia.

In the fall of 2008, he accepted the opportunity to study for his Ph.D. at Tulane University, which has further strengthened his background and enriched his experience in the field of geo-science. He is now engaged in two projects: one is modeling the orographic precipitation and landscape evolution, another is comparison of vertical profiles of suspended sediment in laboratory turbidity currents with models developed for fluvial transport.

Jianwei's goal is to finish his Ph.D. Program at Tulane University, and continue his career in a research institute or university. Jianwei is married and his hobbies include basketball and swimming. His has been a teaching assistant at both Peking University and Tulane University. He is a member of the Tulane Chinese Students and Scholars Association.

Awards include:
Prize for Excellent Student of Peking University, 2005-06
Geography Science Major Scholarship, 2004-05
Geography Science Major Scholarship, 2003-04


Senior Award

Jordan Doig - Overall GPA 3.38, Geology GPA 3.45

Jordan was born in December of 1988 and spent the first eight years of his life living in Mount Prospect, Illinois, a northwestern suburb of Chicago. Most of his memories from those years are of times spent developing his imagination and love for video games with his brothers and the other kids in the neighborhood. In the summer of '97, his family moved to Colorado Springs to quench his father's thirst for nature and sunshine. It was in these first few years that his father and he took full advantage of their new home, regularly taking weekend hikes around the state with Phoebe, the nicest dog he had ever known. It wasn't until high school that he realized he had a love for nature and the surrounding mountains, a thought he chose to ignore when it came to applying to colleges. During the second semester of his senior year,his Mother's lack of enthusiasm for his safety school--combined with the growing pile of rejection and waitlist letters from the few universities he applied to-- drove his mother into a fit of worrying which directly led to a second wave of college applications to include Tulane.In his short time here at Tulane, he has learned again to appreciate city life and the diversity of the people of New Orleans while struggling with the city's overwhelming flat topography. "Overall, it is the few truly beautiful people I've come across in my time here that has let me hold on to the last few traces of sanity."

After graduation, Jordan plans on working in the field while he focuses on academic choices at graduate school. His hobbies include hiking, rock climbing and cooking. Jobs held include: warehouse hand ( West Electric Group), day laborer (Art Klien Construction).

Scholastic awards include:
Stewart Martin Lane Memorial Scholarship
President's Scholarship
National Merit Scholar (high school)
Academic Letter (high school)
Honor Roll (high school)


George Schneider Award

Austin Nijhuis - Overall GPA 3.46, Geology GPA 3.34

Austin Nijhuis hails from New Hampshire, where he spent the first eighteen years of his life. While growing up in the picturesque state, he gained an appreciation for the natural world as an avid fisherman, kayaker, and snowboarder. Austin took that interest in nature and is now majoring in Geology at Tulane University, where he will graduate in the Spring of 2011.He plans on attending graduate school to further continue his education in Geology. Austin's plan is to obtain a Ph.D. in Geology, with concentration in Sedimentology, with the goal of obtaining a faculty position at a university.

Student Organizations: intramural soccer, and intramural softball. Other hobbies include: camping, guitar, ukulele and piano. Austin is employed as a student worker in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane. His other jobs have been:student worker Tulane University card services, Audubon Zoo volunteer.

Scholastic Awards:
Dean's list (Spring '08, Fall '09)
Awarded a research grant by the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program for project titled "Quantifying wetland accretion rates in the Mississippi Delta using recent crevasse-splay deposits as natural analogs for river diversion (summer 2010)."


Junior Award

Holly Ann Jeffries - Overall GPA 3.625, Geology GPA 3.437

Holly Ann Jeffries was born in Guam to Teresa and Richard Jefferis (now both US Navy retired). She spent her childhood in Monterey, California; Norfolk, Virginia; and Honolulu, Hawaii moving every four years with her family in the Naval Meteorology community. She attended Northshore High School in Slidell, Louisiana, graduating as Valedictorian in 2008. While living in Hawaii, she fell in love with Geology,hiking and exploring the mountains and extinct volcanoes of Oahu and numerous trips to the Big Island and Volcano National Park.

Louisiana taught her to love rivers. Now an avid kayaker, her geological interests are expanding beyond igneous rocks and volcanoes. She currently attends Tulane University as a full-time rising junior and works summers at the Naval Oceanographic Office Geo-technical analysis Lab. Her future plans include earning her masters degree in Geology from Tulane University. Following graduate school, she hopes to continue working at the Naval Oceanographic Office in the Geo-technical Analysis Lab.

Student organizations: Publicity chair Tulane Catholic Center 2009-present, active member of Tulane students for life 2008-present, active member of Relay for Life of New Orleans Universities 2009-present.

Scholastic Awards:
Tulane University Louisiana Legislative Scholarship
Tulane Valedictorian Scholarship
National Beta Club Scholarship 2008
SEG Scholarship 2008

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