Seminars 2016 - 2017

Spring 2017

January 20

The Case of the Great Catahoula Land Controversy

George C. FlowersTulane University

January 27

The Power of Simple Mathematical Models in Understanding Geo-Physical Systems

Vaughan VollerUniversity of Minnesota

February 3

Climate Change and Ancient Maya Society: What Exactly Collapsed?

Marcello CanutoTulane (Anthropology)

February 10

Late Neogene and Quaternary Tectonics of the Yakima Folds in the Backarc Region of the Cascadia Subduction Zone

Harvey KelseyHumboldt State

February 17

Coastal Wetland Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise

Donald CahoonUS Geological Survey

February 24

Petroleum Geomechanics in the Deepwater Environments

Alvin ChanShell (New Orleans)

March 3

An Examination of the Geology of the Deep Water Plays in the Gulf of Mexico

John DribusSchlumberger, New Orleans

March 10

Fjords in Flux: Sedimentary Processes in a Changing Arctic

Irina OvereemUniversity of Colorado Boulder

March 17

Predicting Coastal Deltaic Change on a Global Scale

Jaap NienhuisTulane University

March 24

Geomorphic Evidence for Co-Seismic Slip Along an Active Low-Angle Normal Fault in Panamint Valley, California

Eric KirbyOregon State University

March 31

No Speaker - Spring Break

April 7

Ingerson Lecture - A Decade of Progress in Studies of Trace Metals in the Early Oceans

Tim LyonsUC Riverside

April 14

No Speaker - Easter Break

April 21

Ultra-fast Fault Rock Deformation in the Field and Laboratory

W. Ashley GriffithUT Arlington

April 28

A Tail of Two Extremes: Transformation of Rare Storms into Geomorphically Important Floods

Matt RossiUC Boulder

Fall 2016

All seminars are at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Fridays, Room 108, Jones Hall

September 2

Thermomechanics and hydrology of detachment shear zones

Raphael GottardiULL

September 9

The nature of water in Martian soil at regional scales

Suniti KarunatillakeLSU

September 16

Polar ice sheet retreat during past warm periods: An update from the Seychelles

Andrea DuttonU. Florida

September 23

A fresh look at salt marsh erosion processes: bank creep, ponding, and wave erosion

Giulio MariottiLSU

September 30

A data driven model for dune morphodynamics

Meg PalmstenNRL Stennis

October 7

Mountain building, strike-slip faulting, and landscape evolution in New Zealand's Kaikoura Ranges: new insights on an oblique tectonic setting from low-temperature thermochronology and modeling

Alison DuvallU. Washington

October 14

No Seminar - Fall Break

October 21

It used to be like watching paint dry: Measuring the rate of Antarctic shelf glacier melting

Scott TylerU. Nevada

October 28

Deriving dust deposition to the ocean using thorium isotopes from season to millennia

Chris HayesU. Southern Miss.

November 4

A Stable Isotope Exploration of Tectonic Controls on Crustal-Scale Hydrogeology: Faults as Superhighways of Crustal Fluid Flow

Gregory HolkCal State Long Beach

November 11

Coastal dynamics in a Land of Superlatives - the Ganges-Brahmaputra tidal delta plain

Steve GoodbredVanderbilt

November 18

Cretaceous passive margin rejuvenation in eastern North America: part of something bigger?

William AmidonMiddlebury College

November 25

No Seminar - Thanksgiving Break

December 2


December 9


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