Seminars 2009 - 2010

All spring 2010 seminars are at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Fridays in Room 224 Science & Engineering Labs building unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2010

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January 15

Land Building in the Delta of the Mississippi River: Is it Feasible?

Dr. Kim WonsuckAssistant Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin

January 22

No Seminar

January 27

Rock Mass Characterization - A Vehicle to Translate Geology into the Design of Engineering Structures

Dr. Paul Marinos2010 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer, Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists

Location: Science & Engineering Labs, Room 206 at 3:30 PM

More Information: Paul Marinos – 2010 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer

January 29

Reining-In Lake Agassiz's Role in Younger Dryas Climate Change—Or is it Just a Pause Before a Kick in the Ribs?
Secondary Title: Constraining the Glacial Lake Agassiz Meltwater Routing History by Dating Ice Margins and Outlets

Dr. Timothy FisherProfessor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Toledo

February 5

Fault Slip Rates and the Distribution of Strain Along an Evolving Segment of the Pacific-North America Plate Boundary

Dr. Kurt FrankelAssistant Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

February 12

No Seminar

February 19

Channelization, Lobe Formation and Avulsion by Turbidity Currents

Dr. Alessandro CantelliResearch Scientist, Shell Exploration and Production

February 26

Myths About the Cause of Hurricane Katrina's Storm Surge

Dr. Pat FitzpatrickAssociate Research Professor, Geosystems Research Institute, Mississippi State University

View Abstract: Myths about the Cause of Hurricane Katrina's Storm Surge

March 5

Significance of Active Growth Faulting on Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Marsh Accretion Processes

Dr. Kevin YeagerAssistant Professor, South Mississippi State University

March 12

Larval Shell Repair Scar on a Lingulate Brachiopod: Evidence of Shell-Breaking Predation in the Cambrian Pelagic Realm?

Ms. Rebecca FreemanPh.D. candidate, Tulane University

March 19

Between Bedforms and Basin Fill: Insights into Meso-Scale Dynamics from Experimental Sedimentary Systems

Dr. Ben SheetsAssistant Professor, School of Oceanography, University of Washington

March 26

Not All Rates are Created Equally - Quantifying Variability in Topographic Evolution

Dr. Brandon McElroyScientist, USGS

March 26

No Seminar - Spring Break

April 9

The Bell Canyon Formation (Late Wordian-Capitanian, Guadalupian, Middle Permian) in the Apache Mountains, Its Biostratigraphy and Problems of Correlation

Dr. Merlynd NestelProfessor, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Texas, Arlington

April 16


April 23

Interaction of Flood Sediment, Waves, and Coral Reefs: A Field Study From Kauai Hawaii

Dr. Amy DrautGeologist, USGS

Fall 2009

September 18

Exploring the Size of Mountain Belts Through a Power-Law Scaling Relationship for Fuvial Bedrock Incision

Dr. Nicole GaspariniAssistant Professor, Tulane University

September 25

Observations of Sediment Transport in Channels Very Unlike the Mississippi River: Notable Similarities, Differences, and What it Can Teach us About Coastal Restoration BMP's in Louisiana

Dr. Brendan YuillResearch Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans

October 2

Optically-Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dating and its Application to the Lower Mississippi Valley and the Mississippi Delta

Dr. Zhixiong ShenPostdoctoral Fellow, Tulane University

October 9

Graduate Student GSA Presentations

October 16

No Seminar

October 23

Linking Gully Erosion and Hydrological Forcing: Insights from Environmental Monitoring Along a Discontinuous Arroyo Network, Southeast Arizona

Dr. Joel JohnsonAssistant Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas

October 30

Ark or Alamo? The Importance and Future of Caribbean Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in a World of Shallow Water Coral Decline

Dr. Tyler SmithResearch Assistant Professor, Center for Marine and Environmental Studies, University of the Virgin Islands

Location: 212 LBC – Qatar Ballroom

Download Abstract: Ark or Alamo?

November 6

Building a Continental Shelf One Grain at a Time

Dr. Rudy SlingerlandProfessor of Geology, MARGINS Program, Department of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University

November 13

Linking the Ridge to the Reef: Adventures in Hawaiian Geomorphology

Dr. Jonathan D. StockWestern Geology and Geophysics Team, U.S. Geological Survey

Download Abstract: Linking the Ridge to the Reef

November 20

Interpreting Processes and Boundary Conditions from Avulsion Clusters in Alluvial Basins

Dr. Elizabeth A. HajekPostdoctoral Associate, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota

November 27

No Seminar

December 4

Sulfuric Acid as a Photochemical Tracer

Dr. Anne Case HanksAssistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, University of Louisiana at Monroe

December 11

Graduate Student AGU Presentations

December 18

No Seminar

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