Seminars 2010 - 2011

All seminars are at 12:00 PM (Noon) on Fridays in Room 104 Lindy Claiborne Boggs building unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2011

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February 4

The Relative Importance of Fluxes and Processing to Nitrogen and Carbon Export from Temperate Watersheds

Dr. Rebecca BarnesRice University

February 11

Biogeophysics: Looking for Geophysical Signs of Life

Dr. Estella AtekwanaOklahoma State University

Website: Estella Atekwana's Website

February 18

From 'Seeing' to 'Extracting': Geomorphologically Relevant Image Processing Applied to High Resolution Topography

Dr. Paola PassalacquaUniversity of Texas

February 25

Using Trashed Fossils to Determine the Age of Asteroid Impact at the Weaubleau Structure, Western Central Missouri

Dr. Jim MillerMissouri State University

Fossil Collecting

March 4

Sensitivity of the Greenland Ice Sheet to Past Climate Warming

Dr. Anders CarlsonUniversity of Wisconsin

Canceled Seminar

March 11

Mardi Gras Break

March 18

The Topographic and Sedimentary Record of Incising Meandering River Channels

Dr. Noah FinneganUniversity of California Santa Cruz

Website: Noah Finnegan's Website

March 25

Holocene Hydrological Variability in Florida and the Link to Large-scale Climate Systems: A Palynological-palaeobotanical, Biogeochemical and Modeling Approach

Dr. Emmy LammertsmaUtrecht University

April 1

Does Climate Matter: Quaternary Landscape Change in the Rocky Mountains

Dr. Catherine RiihimakiDrew Universty

April 8

Cosmogenic-nuclide Burial Dating and Plio-Pleistocene Events in the Upper Mississippi Basin

Dr. Greg BalcoBerkeley Geochonology Center

Website: Greg Balco's Website

April 15

The Stratigraphic Record of Submarine Slope Channels: Insights from Seismic Data

Dr. Zoltan SylvesterShell Research

Website: Zoltan Sylvester's Website

April 22

Easter Break

April 29

Flooding, Flow Path Selection and Shoreline Evolution of Alluvial Fans and Deltas

Dr. Doug JerolmackUniversity of Pennsylvania

Fall 2010

September 10

Atmospheric Mercury (Hg) in the Northeastern U.S.

Dr. Jeffrey M. SiglerTulane University

September 17

Initial Study for the Evidence of a Subsurface Plume following the DWH Disaster

Dr. Christopher ReddyWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Website: Christopher M. Reedy's Website

September 24

Gas Hydrate: Resource Potential, Geohazard, and Climate Change Factor

Art JohnsonPresident and Chief of Exploration, Hydrate Energy International

Abstract: Gas Hydrate: Resource Potential, Geohazard, and Climate Change Factor

October 1

The Himalaya, New Discoveries Require New Tectonic Models

Dr. Alex WebbLouisiana State University

October 8

Cariaco Basin Ocean Time Series: Modern Processes and the Climate Record

Dr. Robert C. ThunellUniversity of South Carolina

Website: Robert C. Thunell's Website

October 15

Fall Break

October 22

Impact of Unsteady Sediment Transport on Evolution of Earth Surface Topography and Interpretation of the Stratigraphic Record

Dr. Kyle StraubTulane University

October 29

Thermodynamics and Importance of Metal and Radionuclide Adsorption onto Bacteria

Jeremy B. FeinNotre Dame University

Website: Jeremy B. Fein's Website

November 5

From the Rhine to the Mississippi: Holocene Delta and Sea-level Development

Dr. Marc HijmaTulane University

November 19

Ice and Fire: Responses of Arctic Ecosystems to Late-Quaternary Climatic Change

Dr. Feng-Sheng HuUniversity of Illinois

Website: Feng-Sheng Hu's Website

November 26

Thanksgiving Break

December 3

Graduate Students Presentation for AGU

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