Seminars 2019

Spring 2019

January 18

Stratospheric Sulfur Geoengineering - Benefits & Risks

Alan Robock Rutgers (Tulane sabbatical)

January 25

How do we teach geology? Observations from 300+ college lectures and labs

Katherine Ryker University of south carolina

February 1

How is Widespreadh Industrial Logging Recorded in Various Sedimentary Sinks in the Pacific Northwest

Rob Wheatcroft Oregon state university

February 8

Blue Carbon Science and Policy: Advances and Challenges

Gail Chmura Mcgill

February 15

Ocean crust

Adrien Arnulf UT austin

February 22

Studies of Louisiana's coastal waters and wetlands using rapid repeat radar imaging

Cathleen Jones nasa

March 1

Collaborative Research for Detecting Land Loss and Vegetation Species Changes in Coastal Louisiana Wetlands

Chris Potter nasa ames

March 8

No Seminar - Spring Break

March 15

Short and long term consequences of storm-induced mass wasting across Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Stephen Hughes upr mayaguez

March 22

Sharpening the U-Pb Geochronometer: Pushing the Limites of Geochronology

Noah McLean University of kansas

March 29

Salt Tectonics Controls on Deepwater Sedimentation: examples from west Africa, offshore Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico

Clara Rodriguez schlumberger

April 5

Increasing Pleistocene interglacial permafrost stability from Arctic cave deposits

Jeremy Shakun boston college

April 12

Reconstructing the Evolution of an Ancient Lake System on Mars

Tim Goudge UT Austin

April 19

No Seminar - Easter Break

April 26

Quantifying controls on stratal geometries in classic sedimentary systems

Robert Mahon UNO

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