Post-Doctoral Fellow

Marc P. HijmaMarc P. Hijma
Post-doctoral Fellow

Phone: 504-862-3195

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
Room 204 Blessey Hall
New Orleans, LA 70118

Member: Quaternary Research Group

Education and Work Experience

Postdoctoral Fellow - Leiden University, The Netherlands, 2009-2010
Ph.D., Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2005-2009
Geoarchaeological Research - BAAC bv, The Netherlands, 2004-2005
Junior Research - Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2002-2003
M.Sc., Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 1997-2002

Research Interests

Quaternary geology
Sea-level change
Fluvial, estuarine and deltaic sedimentology
Sequence stratigraphy
Applied geochronology
Holocene transgression of river-mouth areas


Törnqvist, T.E., Hijma, M.P., 2012. Links between early Holocene ice-sheet decay, sea-level rise and abrupt climate change Nature Geoscience, 5, 601-606. doi:10.1038/NGEO1536.

Hijma, M.P., Cohen, K.M., Roebroeks, W., Westerhoff, W.E., Busschers, F.S., 2012. Pleistocene Rhine–Thames landscapes: geological background for hominin occupation of the southern North Sea region.  Journal of Quaternary Science, 27(1), 17-39. doi:10.1002/jqs.1549.

Hijma, M.P., Cohen, K.M., 2011. Holocene transgression of the Rhine river mouth area, The Netherlands/Southern North Sea: palaeogeography and sequence stratigraphy. Sedimentology, 58(6), 1453-1485. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-3091.2010.01222.x.

Hijma M.P., Cohen K.M., 2011. Comment on: Mid-Holocene water-level changes in the lower Rhine-Meuse delta (western Netherlands): implications for the reconstruction of relative mean sea-level rise, palaeoriver-gradients and coastal evolution by Van de Plassche et al. (2010). Netherlands Journal of Geosciences - Geologie en Mijnbouw, 90 (1), 51-54.

Hijma, M.P., Cohen, K.M., 2010. Timing and magnitude of the sea-level jump preluding the 8200 yr event. Geology, 38 (3), 275-278. doi: 10.1130/G30439.1. 

Hijma, M.P., Van der Spek, A.J.F., Van Heteren, S., 2010. Development of a mid-Holocene estuarine basin, Rhine-Meuse mouth area, offshore the Netherlands. Marine Geology, 271 (3-4), 198-211. doi:10.1016/j.margeo.2010.02.011. 

Hijma, M.P., 2009. From river valley to estuary: the early-mid Holocene transgression of the Rhine-Meuse valley, The Netherlands. Ph.D.-thesis, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 192 pp.

Hijma, M.P., Cohen, K.M., Hoffmann, G., Van der Spek, A.J.F., Stouthamer, E., 2009. From river valley to estuary: the evolution of the Rhine mouth in the early to middle Holocene (western Netherlands, Rhine-Meuse delta). Netherlands Journal of Geosciences - Geologie en Mijnbouw, 88 (1), 13-53.

101 Blessey Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, 504-865-5198