EENS News: 2007-2008

Undergrads Snag Prestigious Scholarships April 17, 2008

A trio of junior Tulane students has shined a light on academic achievements as well as the university by capturing prestigious scholarships. Sarah Ray and Kramer Schmidt were selected 2008 Truman Scholars, and Johanna “Josie” Nevitt won a Goldwater scholarship.

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Mississippi Delta Spongy on Top, Stable Underneath February 22, 2008

The bad news is that the Mississippi Delta is sinking as much as one-fifth of an inch per year and sometimes even more. But the good news is that the sinking is mostly limited to the uppermost layer of sediment, and the land underneath is much more stable. These are the latest findings of Tulane researcher Torbjörn Törnqvist.

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Science on the Edge January 25, 2008

Along Louisiana Highway 1, cypress-tree stumps stick up out of the marsh grass every mile or so. The gray, bare trees look as forlorn as the splintered docks poking into the Gulf of Mexico at the end of the road on Grand Isle—the last stop on the highway. The dead trees and ruined piers appear to have met similar fates in the path of storms and saltwater intrusion.

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