Senior geology student, Austin Nijhuis, Receives Funding from LSU and A&M College to Quantify Wetland Accretion Rates in the Mississippi Delta

Austin Nijhuis

Austin Nijhuis (Tulane '11) is traveling to England this summer to do coastal restoration research. The project, entitled, Quantifying wetland accretion rates in the Mississippi Delta using recent crevasse-splay deposits as natural analogs for river diversions, brings Austin to the University of Liverpool with Postdoc Zhixiong Shen. There, they will date sediment collected earlier in the year from Napoleonville, LA, using OSL dating techniques.

These samples represent past river deposits from Bayou Lafouche, which can provide useful information regarding the effectiveness of river diversions of the Mississippi River. The project is overseen by Zhixiong Shen and Prof. Torbjörn Törnqvist and made available thanks to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) from the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program.

UROP's goal is to provide talented undergraduate students with hands-on research experience in marine-related disciplines. This summer will provide Austin with valuable field and lab research experience and serve as a base for his senior thesis on the same topic, as well as a chance to spend two months abroad.

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