Baton Rouge Fault Zone FieldworkBaton Rouge Fault Zone Fieldwork

Dr. Zhixiong Shen, Jennifer Kuykendall and graduate students Akin Balogun, Michael Hopkins, Jianwei Han, Glenn Fischer and Emanuele Giachetta, are conducting fieldwork near Denham Springs and Livingston, Louisiana.

The group is studying fault slip rates in the Baton Rouge Fault Zone (BRFZ). The BRFZ consists of a number of coastal parallel growth faults in southeast Louisiana. This fieldwork is part of an ongoing research effort with Dr. Nancye Dawers, Dr. Nicole Gasparini, Dr. Zhixiong Shen and Dr. Torbjörn Törnqvist to investigate the late Pleistocene fault activities in the BRFZ and quantify the effects of the fault activity on land subsidence in the Mississippi Delta and fluvial geomorphology.

A Geoprobe 6610DT machine is used to drill sediment cores to find stratigraphically correlated sediment units crossing faults and take samples from these units for optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating. The stratigraphic correlation and OSL ages permit the calculation of time-averaged fault slip rates.

The goal of this fieldwork is to quantify fault slip at different locations with potential different sediment ages to investigate the change of fault slip rate with time during late Pleistocene. All OSL dating measurement will be done in the Luminescence Dating Laboratory at University of Liverpool, UK this summer.

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