Emily Cardarelli

Environmental Science Major,
Emily Cardarelli

Emily Cardarelli Receives Funding from Louisiana Sea Grant

Environmental Science junior, Emily Cardarelli, has been notified by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, that her project, "Seasonal impacts influencing denitrification in wetlands," has been accepted for funding. Emily has been awarded full funding in the amount of $2500 from Louisiana Sea Grant.

Emily and her mentor, Assistant Professor Brad Rosenheim, will start work at Davis Pond diversion, but the exact river diversion may change depending on sampling feasiblility. She will analyze stable nitrogen isotope ratios in the SILT-U lab to detertime if river diversions affect the important processes of nitrification and denitrification in coastal wetlands.

Upon completion of the project, Emily can present her report at local, state or national meetings, or publish in an appropriate scientific journal.

Emily is the second undergraduate Earth and Environmental Sciences student to receive Louisiana Sea Grant funding this past year.

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