GSA TodayCongratulations to our 2011 GSA Society Fellowship Recipients, Karen Johannesson and Ronald Parsley

Karen H. Johannesson, Tulane University, "has made numerous and important contributions in chemical hydrology. She is one the world's experts on the speciation and geochemical behavior of rare earth elements in aquatic systems. Her recent work on the groundwater geochemistry of oxyanions forming elements is of the highest quality."

— William Berry Lyons

Ronald Lee Parsley, Tulane University, "is a widely published and cited author of studies of fossil echinoderms. He has read conference invited papers from 1974–2008, and he has published 87 manuscripts including coauthored studies with Americans ,Czechs, and Chinese. In addition, he has trained 1000 undergraduates in geology."

— John Projeta Jr.

Society Fellowship is an honor bestowed on the best of our profession by election at the spring GSA Council meeting. GSA members are nominated by existing GSA Fellows in recognition of their distinguished contributions to the geosciences through such avenues as publications, applied research, teaching, administration of geological programs, contributing to the public awareness of geology, leadership of professional organizations, and taking on editorial, bibliographic, and library responsibilities. GSA's newly elected Fellows will be recognized at the 2011 GSA Annual Meeting Presidential Address & Awards Ceremony on Sunday, 9 October, at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

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