Deep-water Basin Experiments

Ph. D. student, Jane Stammer, conducts research in Sediment Dynamics Lab

Jane Stammer is spending part of her summer running experiments in Tulane's Sediment Dynamics Laboratory. 

Jane  is currently a Ph.D. student in the department of Geology and Geological Engineering at Colorado School of Mines (CSM).  She is working with Dr. David Pyles at CSM, and also collaborating with Dr. Kyle Straub of Tulane in the Sediment Dynamics Laboratory at Tulane University.  Dr. Straub is a member of Jane's Ph.D. committee.

Her research focuses on the fractionation of minerals and textures in deep-water turbidite deposits.

Jane Stammer

Jane Stammer preparing for turbidity current experiment.

Jane is conducting a series of three experiments in the deep-water basin to test how turbidity currents spatially fractionate grains on the basis of density and shape. 

She is also measuring the characteristics of the flow field, including current velocity and suspended sediment composition and concentration. 

This data will be used to define a predictive fractionation theory which links input flow field conditions and sediment transport processes to the texture and mineralogy of the resulting deposit. 

Her research has direct implications for off-shore petroleum reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico and is entirely funded by a grant through Chevron. 

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