Stephen Nelson Receives Outstanding Educator Award 2009

Dr. Stephen Nelson

Dr. Stephen A. Nelson

Dr. Stephen A. Nelson, Associate Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, received the Outstanding Educator Award at the 59th annual convention of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies.

The Award was presented to Dr. Nelson in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the education and training of geologists. The award also recognizes classroom teaching and honors those educators in academia who have made a major impact in the lives of Gulf Coast geologists.

Dr. Nelson recieved his in Geology from the University of California at Berkeley. His specialities are volcanology and natural disasters. Dr. Nelson has led over 180 field trips on the "Geology of the Katrina Disaster," to groups from throughout the world in an attempt to educate people about the importance of understanding geology in relation to human construction and hazards to human poplulations.

Dr. Nelson has taught at Tulane since 1979 and is presently the chair of the department.

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