Meet Our New Faculty 2010

Jeffrey AgnewJeffrey Agnew

Jeff Agnew is a new Professor of Practive in geology. A native of Michigan, Jeff earned his B.S. from Central Michigan, M.S. from the University of Florida, and Ph.D. from Lousiana State. Prior to joining the faculty in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane, he was a Lecturer of Geology at Centenary College of Louisiana for three years, where he taught physical geology, environmental geology, historical geology, sedimentary geology, and paleontology. In his current position, Jeff is primarily responsible for the introductory geology lectures and labs. He also is involved with several projects aimed at increasing the science content knowlege of K-12 teachers in Louisiana. As a paleobiologist, Jeff studies modern and fossil crab claws and shark teeth to better understand the patterns and processes of evolution.

Jeffrey SiglerJeffrey Sigler

Jeff Sigler is a new professor of practice in environmental science. He is teaching the introductory environmental science lecture course and lab. He hopes to eventually offer courses in his area of specialty, which is atmospheric science, as well as develop a service learning component for environmental science students. Originally from Virginia, he and his wife transplanted to New Orleans from New Hampshire. He has spent much of the past decade doing graduate and post-doctoral research on atmospheric mercury in New England.

101 Blessey Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118, 504-865-5198