Assistant Professor, Nicole Gasparini, and Research Analyst, Andy Menking Continue Research in Hawaii January 2010

Research in Hawaii

Research analyst, Andy Menking and Assistant Professor, Nicole Gasparini, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Dr. Nicole Gasparini, Andy Menking, and Connor O’Malley (Colorado State University) conducted field work in the North Kohala region of the Big Island of Hawaii during the month of January.

The purpose of the expedition was to survey river channels in order to obtain longitudinal channel profiles which will allow the researchers to draw conclusions about long-term erosion in the region.

Kohala experiences one of the most dramatic precipitation gradients on the planet with an increase of over 4 meters of rainfall per year across 10 miles stretching from the western coast to the top of Kohala Mountain.

Dr. Gasparini and Andy Menking will use the data collected in this expedition to study the way climate influences bedrock channel morphology and landscape evolution over long timescales.

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