Kyle Straub's Article "Compensational Stacking of Channelized Sedimentary Deposits" Featured on Cover of Journal of Sedimentary Research SEPTEMBER 2009

Journal of Sedimentary Research

Kyle M. Straub, C. Paola, D. Mohrig, M. Wolinsky, and T.George Compensational Stacking of Channelized Sedimentary Deposits JOURNAL OF SEDIMENTARY RESEARCH 2009 79: 673-688

Cover Photo: Output from stacking model used to study parameters controlling stratigraphic architecture of channelized sedimentary deposits. Controls on stratigraphic architecture are explored using 2D basins which are filled by discrete triangular depositional elements which are meant to represent channel or lobe deposits. In this model, on short time-scales depositional elements cluster to form anti-compensationally stacked deposits. However, due to avulsions prescribed at a given time interval deposits stack compensationally at long time scales.

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Journal of Sedimentary Research

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