Sediment Dynamics Group Alumni

Yinan Wang - M.S. Student, 2011

Yinan in front of a slice of TDB_10_1Yinan's completed his research on "quantifying process-based controls on compensational stacking of channelized sedimentary deposits" in December of 2011.  Yinan is currently enjoying spending time with his family back home in China.  He is in the process of determining if he should continue his education or to join the workforce. 


Wang, Y., Straub, K.M., Hajek, E.A., 2011, Scale dependant compensational stacking: an estimate of autogenic timescales in channelized sedimentary deposits: Geology, v. 39 (9), p. 811-814, DOI: 10.1130/G32068.1




Alexander Breaux - Undergraduate, 2012

AlexAlex is currently a senior at Tulane University, majoring in Geology and minoring in English.  He is currently applying to graduate schools and hopes to continue his education with regards to sedimentology.  












Krystal Pennuto - Undergraduate, 2011

Krystal PennutoAfter graduation Krystal rafted down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon as part of the Grand Canyon Colloquium course with Tulane University. Following that, Krystal will be a Teacher's Assistant for James Madison University's field course in Ireland. In August she will be moving to Sacramento, CA, as a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). Where she will be working with Loaves and Fishes for the next year.



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