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Dr. Straub is currently looking for enthusiastic students at the PhD level. For possible research opportunities check out the Morphodynamic Research Page.

Kyle Straub Ph.D.Kyle Straub, Ph.D.
Principle Investigator

Dr. Straub's research focuses on the transport of sediment from land through the ocean and into the stratigraphic record. Scales of interest range from the interaction of turbidity currents with channel bends over minutes to the construction and preservation of river deltas over millions of years. He examines the morphodynamics of these systems using a combination of remote sensing of subsurface sediment deposits, carefully designed laboratory experiments, field studies of ancient and modern sediment transport systems and targeted numerical analysis and modeling.

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Jennifer KuykendallJennifer Kuykendall

Jenny joined the group in May of 2009 and splits her time between lab work and field work. She is also a member of the Quaternary research group. Jennifer's background is in coastal geology, with a B.S. degree (2004) in Marine Science from Coastal Carolina University and a M.S. in Geological Oceanography from the University of Southern Mississippi (2010).

Chris EspositoChris Esposito
Ph.D. Student

Chris joined the group in May of 2011. He arrived after completing a Masters degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of New Orleans studying sedimentation in river dominated wetlands. His undergraduate training is in Mathematics and Physical Oceanography, from Rutgers University (2003). While studying with Dr. Straub, he will be using the delta tank to examine the statistical relationships between the morphology of channelized surfaces and their resulting stratigraphic surfaces. He has just recently discovered his talent for laying concrete.

Qi LiQi Li
PH.d. Student

Qi joined the group in August of 2011.  He majored in geochemistry and minored in gem material and its technology in China at the University of Geosciences.  While in China, he focused on the dynamics of hydrocarbon generation, working towards quantitatively characterizing the generation process of hydrocarbons.  While at Tulane University, he will examine how floodplain and cohesion of sediment affects the mobility of channels and methods of how alluvial basins will be filled.  He will be spending a large portion of his time running the delta basin, running numerical models, and moving sediment (his favorite activity).

Matt Benson cutting a delta in the delta basinMatt Benson
M.s. student

Matt joined the group in July of 2012.  He double majored in Geology and Economics at Washington and Lee University in Virginia.  At Washington and Lee his research focused on assessing live coral cover and carbonate production across time, depth, and space in the Caribbean.  During his time at Tulane, he will be using the delta basin to examine the effects of cohesive sediment on stratigraphy.  He currently wishes the ceiling of the mezzanine was just a foot higher.

Katie Ahlstrom in MexicoKatie Ahlstrom

Katie, who joined the group in the summer of 2012, is finishing her B.S. degree in Geology, and is looking forward to delving further into the application of sedimentology.  She is currently assisting with various projecting being conducted by graduate students and faculty.  Her multiple tasks include slicing a delta and preserving its face in photograph form, running grain size samples indicative of levee growth, and investigating ways in which a echinoderm may have attached itself to the substrate. 

erinErin Cunningham

Erin joined the group in the fall of 2011.  She is working towards a B.S. degree in geology and is minoring in physics.  Currently Erin is running grain size samples that will be used to quantify the growth of levees in aggrading submarine channels.  She is excited to learn as much about sediment dynamics as possible in her independent study during the spring semester.

Montgomery J. StraubMontgomery J. Straub (Monty)
Research Dog

Monty is a rescued English Pointer, with an PhD in belly rubs from Hounds University. He specializes in nap taking and has a mild interest in birding. He can occasionally be found in Kyle's office or in the lab. Treats are always appreciated and he will be glad to put in a good word for you with Kyle, in exchange for something tasty.

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