Micropaleontology Sample Collection

Plate 19

Plate 19 from Dr. Kohl's Ph.D. dissertation.

The pictures on this page represent a small portion of a 50 year collection of samples for use in micropaleontology research. Adjunct professor, Barry Kohl, and Emeritus professor, Emily Vokes, have undertaken the huge task of identifying, sorting and organizing these microfossil samples, which are now recorded in the Tulane Fossil Localities Index. The samples from Mexico intrigued Dr. Kohl so much that he decided to do his Ph.D. dissertation on early Pliocene Benthic Foraminifers and traveled to the Salina Basin in Mexico many times to collect outcrop material for his research. Emily and her husband, Harold, collected outcrop samples worldwide and published extensively on mollusks.

Unwashed Samples

Unwashed, raw material from outcrops will be marked and catalogued for future reference.

Washed Samples

Washed residues from the Vokes collection.


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