Shiyong Yu 

  Shiyong Yu
  McWilliams Postdoctoral Scholar
  Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
  Tulane University
  New Orleans, LA 70118
  Rm 204 Blessey Hall
  Phone: 504-862-3195

  Education - Research Interests - Publications

  Quaternary Research Group



Lund University, Ph.D., 2003
Nanjing University, M.Sc., 1994
Ocean University of Qingdao, Diploma, 1991

Research Interests 

  • Ice-Age geodynamics
  • Lake sediments and past global changes
  • Quaternary palynology


Yu, S.-Y., Berglund, B. E., Sandgren, P., and Lambeck, K., 2007. Evidence for a rapid sea-level rise 7600 yr ago. Geology 35, 891-894.

Yu, S.-Y., Shen, J., and Colman, S.M., 2007. Modeling the radiocarbon reservoir effect in lacustrine systems. Radiocarbon 49, 1241-1254.

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