SSE Executive Committee Meeting

August 25, 2006

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


Present: Altiero, McPherson, De Kee, Burdsal, Parker, Gaver, Mullin, John, Koplitz, Nelson, Dyer (for Heins), Kalka, McGuire, Dohanich, Tasker, Meffert (for McLachlan)


Follow-up on July 19 Retreat

We have arranged to have Mudbug Media work with each of the departments, programs, and centers on their websites. Departments are asked to contact Nancy Walker ( to arrange individual meetings with Mudbug. Additionally, arrangements will be made to train at least one staff member from each department on the use of Contribute 3 software so that they can maintain the site content. Sandy Parker will look into the cost (if any) of this training. Soon we will be developing standardized web pages for each faculty member in the School with a photo, educational background, previous positions, selected publications, etc.

As soon as we have finalized the membership of the Undergraduate Studies Committee, Carol Burdsal will call the first meeting of that committee at which it will elect its own Chair. The following agenda items will be first priority: standard format for departmental sections in the University Catalog, core curriculum requirements in the School of Science and Engineering, a “quality of work” requirement, and BS requirements for certain programs in the School of Liberal Arts.

Nick Altiero reminded the Department Chairs that he needs to know what the teaching load should be for a “research active” faculty member in their respective disciplines and whether or not they have reduced teaching loads for junior faculty. He needs to hear from all 9 departments before he can draft a teaching load policy for the School.

Nick will be meeting with Anne Banõs to discuss a number of staff issues: consistency of job titles and descriptions, overload pay policy, and bonus policy. We will then address these issues for the School of Science and Engineering.

There was a lengthy discussion about space. By the end of next summer, virtually all of the units in the School of Science and Engineering will have been moved into the 10 building complex at the north end of Gibson Quad. It was agreed that this will require some renovations and Gary McPherson reported that he will be meeting with Tony Lorino to determine how much support there will be for these renovations. The long term plan involves total renovation of the Frances Taylor Laboratory and replacement of the Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Services, and the Engineering Shops buildings by a new Science and Engineering Building.

Nick reminded the group that the first draft Division strategic plans are due on September 11. He is meeting with the faculty of the Division of Biological Science and Engineering on August 25 and would like to be given the opportunity to address each of the Divisions to discuss the purpose of the strategic planning exercise and the potential benefits.


Most of the meeting was spent discussing the draft Constitution of the Faculty of the School of Science and Engineering. Nick agreed to make all of the changes that were adopted and to present a revised draft to the faculty for approval. In addition to the Executive Committee, the draft Constitution identifies 5 other committees: Promotion and Tenure, Graduate Studies, Undergraduate Studies, Grievance, and Nominating. Each department will have one representative on the Graduate Studies Committee (appointed), Undergraduate Studies Committee (appointed), Grievance Committee (elected), and Nominating Committee (elected). Nick requested that the Department Chairs submit these names as soon as possible!

Promotion and Tenure Process

There was very little time to discuss the Promotion and Tenure document but it was generally agreed that the dossier needs to be dramatically simplified from what is required in this draft document (fashioned after the document used by LAS). Nick agreed to re-do the document with this in mind. The goal will be to reduce the dossier to what can be contained in a single three-ring binder.

There was some discussion about the two (potentially three) P&T cases involving current faculty searches. The Department Chairs are serving as an ad hoc Promotion and Tenure Committee, chaired by Jim McGuire.

Hurricane Plan

It was agreed that all departmental hurricane preparedness plans should be posted to the web site with personal contact information such as cell phone numbers, home addresses and telephone numbers, and non-Tulane email addresses excluded. That information will be maintained in the departmental offices to be used for communication in the event of another prolonged evacuation.

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