SSE Curriculum Committee Meeting

January 28, 2013
Meeting began at 1:30 PM

In Attendance: Jerry Shakov, Beth Wee, Janet Ruscher, Paul Columbo, Gary Dohanich, George Flowers, Dayna Gessler, Lars Gilbertson, Mary Frances Gleason, Donata Henry, Nancy Hopkins, Carol Pizer, Mark Sulkes, Stephanie Borrego, Eleanor Berault; Mike Mislove joined group to discuss CMPS program and courses about midway through.

Approval of minutes from last meeting, Sept. 25, 2012


The following have been pre-approved by Committee Chairperson Jerry Shakov and Associate Deans Beth Wee and Janet Ruscher:

Change to Course Description, Course Number, Title:

  1. CELL 2220 Change title from Careers in Medicine to Career Development; What to do with a Biology Degree Course description changed to reflect title change.

  2. EBIO 2210 Insect Biology Change course description – course was already in catalog but the new instructor modified the description.

  3. CELL 3400/6400 Name change from The Biology of Regeneration to Regenerative Biology.

  4. CELL 3210 Name change. According to CMB rep, Nancy Hopkins, this had not gone through the departmental curriculum committee so it was sent back to the department for review.

Discontinued Courses (requested by CHE department) as they were mostly duplicates or courses that were not going to be offered again.

  1. CENG 1010/1020 – Chem & Biomed Engr Tide
  2. CENG 2130 – Thermodynamics
  3. CENG 2140 – Stoichiometry
  4. CENG 2210 – Prob & Stat for Chem Eng
  5. CENG 3250 – UO Lab II
  6. CENG 3310/3320 – Unit Operation
  7. CENG 3500 – Computer Methods
  8. CENG 4600/4620 – Practice School Intrn I/II
  9. CENG 6030 – Engineering Economics
  10. CENG 6310 – Methods of Process Design
  11. CENG 6500 – Chemical Process Control
  12. CENG 6520 – Adv Controller Design
  13. CENG 6530 – Digital & Real Time Ctrl
  14. CENG 6540 – Nonlinear Systems Theory
  15. CENG 6910 – Prin. Electrochem. Engr.
  16. CENG 6920 – Corrosion Engineering
  17. CENG 7220 – Optimization Methodology

New Course Proposals:

  1. BMEN 6170 Introduction to Biomedical Optics (J. Quincy Brown) — It was suggested that the check box “Quantitative Reasoning” be unchecked. Lars Gilbertson explained that the course discusses implementation of tools of Modern Engineering practices as well as applications to human health and that simulations are run in MatLab.

  2. CMPS 3110 Introduction to Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (Ram Mettu)

  3. CMPS 3210/6210 Algorithms for Computational Biology (Ram Mettu)

  4. CMPS 3130/6130 Introduction to Computational Geometry (Carola Wenk)

  5. CMPS 3140 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (K. Brent Venable)

  6. CMPS 3240 Machine Learning (K. Brent Venable)

  7. CMPS 4010 Capstone Project (first semester; Computer Science Faculty)

  8. CMPS 4020 Capstone Project (second semester; Computer Science Faculty)

  9. CMPS 4230/6230 Advanced Computational Geometry (Carola Wenk) — All were discussed as part of the new Coordinate Major in Computer Science listed in New Business

  10. EENS 3600 The Science of Climate Change (Jeff Sigler) — George Flowers indicated that their students had indicated an interest in the scientific explanation for climate change which is how this course came about. It will be offered as an elective.

  11. PHYS 1050 Physics for Architects (Jerry Shakov) — Jerry Shakov stated that the School of Architecture now requires their students to take 1 semester of Physics so the PEP department developed this class that will be available only to Architecture majors, it will be 4 credits and will focus more on topics that are more topical for Architecture students. Students may not receive credit for Physics 1050 and either PHYS 1210 or 1310.

  12. SCEN 1005 Explorations in Programming (Michelle Sanchez) — A two week course offered in the summer to high school students for 1 credit.

Motion to approve all items as discussed, seconded, All in favor.


  1. Change in requirement for minor: Marine Biology Minor for Non-EBIO Majors will no longer require Ecology Laboratory (EBIO 3045)

  2. Minor in BioMedical Engineering for non-Engineering Majors: BMEN is proposing a minor for non-engineering majors. It would work well with Public Health and the Biological Science majors. It is modeled after the Engineering Science program. Includes a total of 6 engineering courses in addition to the pre-requisite courses in Math, Cell Biology and Physics.

Motion to approve the changes and additions to minors as listed above. Seconded. All in favor.

Old Business

  1. SSE capstones and SL courses – annual review – a reminder to keep departmental lists current and for this information to be sent to Eleanor as the list is revised, so it can be posted correctly on the SSE website.

  2. Review of registrar’s course listing as of July 2012 – to be done by each department; this list will be updated each summer.

  3. Guidelines for Curriculum Committee – these were the items discussed at our last meeting – there was no futher discussion about them.

    Suggested Guidelines for Curriculum Committee

    1. Current approval procedure, including timing issues/deadlines, and required documentation
    2. Time of minutes and approval
    3. Use of the proposal form – any changes

New Business

  1. Proposal for a new Coordinate Major in Computer Science (Mislove): The Coordinate Major is completed in addition to completion of a student’s primary major. CMPS will offer a suite of courses related to their major subject. There will be 5 Fresh/Soph level courses (1 math/4 comp science) and 3 Jr/Sr courses on a theme. In their Sophomore year they will choose an academic advisor in CMPS and choose a capstone topic which will coordinate with the faculty member in their major subject. The student’s major must be in Newcomb-Tulane only, not in Continuing Studies. The plan is to have the program in effect in the Fall of 2013. Motion to approve, second, all in favor.

  2. Newcomb-Tulane Catalog Updates: Send changes to Lisa Lord in N-T (; 865-5720) – she is the new contact there. The catalog is updated every year, so any additions, changes, etc. made now will only go into effect for the next catalog year.

Next Meeting

There may be items that can be voted on via email but no additional meeting date was set as of now.

Meeting closed at 3:00

Postscript approvals (items approved by committee via email vote after the meeting):

New course approval:

  • EENS 2080 Extreme Weather
  • MATH 7150 Intermediate Probability
  • CELL 3210/6210 name changed from Cellular Physiology to Physiology after having gone through departmental committee.

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