SSE Curriculum Committee Meeting

January 24, 2014
Meeting began at 12:33 PM

In Attendance: Beth Wee, Janet Ruscher, George Flowers, Mark Sulkes, Al Vitter, Lars Gilbertson, Carola Wenk, Gary Dohanich, Tim Schuler, Caz Taylor, WT Godbey, Paul Colombo, Carol Pizer, Tudie Gleason, Dayna Gessler, Stephanie Borrego, Eleanor Berault taking notes.

Approval of minutes from last meeting, September 20, 2013. Motion made, all approved.

Courses – Pre-Approved, no discussion, motion made to pass, all in favor.

The following have been approved by Committee Chairperson George Flowers and Associate Deans Beth Wee and Janet Ruscher:

Change to Course Description, Course Number, Title:

Change in Pre-requisites – changes will go into effect in the Fall 2014 semester

  1. CMPS/MATH 2170 Discrete Mathematics:
    Old Pre-Req: MATH 1220 or MATH 1310 or permission of instructor
    New Pre-Req: one semester of Calculus or permission of instructor

  2. CMPS 2300 Introduction to Computer Systems:
    Old Pre-Req: CMPS 1600, CMPS/MATH 2170
    New Pre-Req: CMPS 1500

Change in how credits are distributed for two semester class:

  1. BMEN 4900/4910/4900/4911/4902/4912 Biomedical Research and Professional Practice:
    Old Version: all students in same lecture and lab; earn two credits per semester
    NewVersion: all students in same lecture (worth one credit; taken only the first semester), but students take different labs depending on their research project (earn two credits for lab each semester)

Cross-listed Courses:

  1. CMPS 6140 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:
    To be cross-listed with existing CMPS 3140 (Grad students explore in more depth a specific topic and give an oral presentation to the class) (Venable)

  2. EBIO 3190 Darwin and Darwinism:
    To be cross-listed with existing EBIO 6190 (Grad students do additional readings and have more stringent term paper requirements) (Darwin)

  3. NSCI 6040-02 Trends in Neuroscience
    To be cross-listed with CELL-6040-02.  This is a grad level course only.  This is being done so the course can appear as a CELL course for students in CMB program.

Discontinued Courses:

  1. PSYC 7670 Infant Assessment (last taught prior to Fall, 2006)

Special Projects Courses:

  1. CMPS 4150/6150 Advanced Topics of Artificial Intelligence (Venable)

Change to credit hours:

  1. PHYS 1015 Materials Science & Engineering Summer course:
    Change from a 1-credit course to a 3-credit course, increased contact hours for summer TSSP offering.

New Course Proposals: All items were approved

  1. ENGP/PHYS 3360/PHYS 6360 Structure of Materials (Chrisey, Escarra)

  2. ENGP/PHYS 3350/PHYS 6350 Kinetics of Material Systems (Chrisey, Escarra)

  3. EENS 3730 Pathways to Urban Sustainability (Sigler)

  4. EENS 4440/6440 Intro to Geophysics (Amer)

  5. EENS 4960/6960 Environmental Sampling, Analysis, and Practice (Flowers) – adding a grad level.The 4000 level is a capstone for undergrad students.

  6. PSYC 1100 Exploring Psychology (for TSSP students) (Wyland) – If the student gets a B or higher in the class and comes to Tulane it will count as credit for introductory psychology.

  7. PSYC 6150 Research Methods in Psychology (Barbarin)

  8. PSYC 7700 Crisis Intervention (Nastasi)

Adding capstones to existing courses:

  1. CELL 3400 Regenerative Biology (Han) – redirect to Jr and Sr if all capstone or 5110 tag needs to be created.

  2. CELL 4440 Advanced Molecular Biology (Wang)  redirect to Jr and Sr if all capstone or 5110 tag needs to be created.

  3. PYSI 1002 (Medical School course) as capstone for TAP-TP students in CMB
    David Mullin entered meeting to discuss this proposal. There was discussion on merits of program based on student maturation level and speed with which students have to finish undergraduate coursework. CMB approved this proposal so that the students can complete this course as a Capstone in their first year at the Medical school. Dr. Mullin would be the person who will grade the paper for Capstone purposes. There was discussion about reviewing the program’s merits.

    • Motion: To review program.
      For: 7, Against: 1, Abstentions: 2
    • Motion: To approve course as Capstone with a friendly amendment stating that the course should include a 5110 tag for undergraduate degree purposes.
      For: 7, Abstentions: 3

Note added after meeting with information from Tudie Gleason in the registrar in consultation with medical school: We have set up PYSI5110 as a zero credit, s/u graded course. TAPP students in PYSI1002 must register for PYSI5110 if they need a capstone. I’ve coded the CELL major to accept the PYSI5110 as a capstone, and a CELL lecture elective. I’ve coded PYSI1002/CELL3210 [Cellular Physiology] as duplicates; students can’t take both for credit. On the degree audit, PYSI is “hidden” in that it will count but not show up as an option for CELL majors. Rondel Frank is going to register the TAPP students in PYSI5110.

Old Business

  1. Updating course proposal form

    • a reminder to make sure honor code statement is on every syllabus.
    • a reminder to include the difference between undergrad course work versus grad coursework if the class is cross-listed. The catalog states that there should be 25% more effort for a grad listing.
    • have you checked the pre-reqs if the course is cross-listed.
    • a note to update the catalog
  2. Self-Designed majors

    • There was general conversation about the vetting process and questions about why not make those interests coordinate majors. Will discuss again at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 1:58pm

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764