Faculty Meeting

School of Science and Engineering

117 Richardson Building
September 18, 2006
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM



(Voting Members) Altiero, Anderson, Ashbaugh, Bart, Burdsal, Choi, Cortez, Corey, Daniel, Dohanich, Gaver, Godbey, Golob, Grayson, John, Kalka, Lacey, Law, Lawson, Leclair, Lockman, Mague, Mao, McGuire, McPherson, Mislove, Moll, Mullin, Nelson, O’Connor, Overby, Parsley, Perdew, Purrington, Rice, Rogers, Rosencrans, Schmehl, Schrader, Törnqvist, Walker, Wietfeldt

Interim Provost Barron

Provost Barron gave a brief presentation to the faculty and then entertained questions on a wide range of topics including undergraduate recruiting strategies, the role of professors of practice, work-flow processes, and cost-share policy. In his remarks, he emphasized the importance of the faculty and said that he is currently focused on developing a faculty hiring plan and on competitive faculty salaries. He and Dean Altiero will be scheduling individual meetings with the SSE Department Chairs to discuss these issues. These meetings will take place in late September and early October.

Strategic Planning

Dean Altiero introduced Michael Ginzberg, former Dean of Business at the University of Delaware, who will be assisting the School in the development of its strategic plan. The goals are to have a strategic plan developed by the end of the calendar year and to have an implementation plan completed by the end of the academic year. Faculty will be deeply involved at every stage of this planning process.


It was moved and seconded that the Constitution of the Faculty, draft dated 9/18/06, be approved.

It was moved and seconded that the draft be amended as follows: “To receive and act on reports of standing and special committees.” will be listed under Responsibilities of the Voting Faculty, not as a duty of the Executive Committee. Motion approved.

It was moved and seconded that the Executive Committee be elected by the faculty rather than being composed of the chairs of the academic departments, the associate deans, and the dean of the SSE. Motion failed.

It was moved and seconded that the Promotion and Tenure Committee would elect a full professor as its chair rather than having the chair of the committee appointed by the dean. Motion failed.

The following friendly amendments were accepted:

  • Full-time instructors will be included as special non-voting members of the faculty.
  • In section V.B. “excluding vacation time.” will be replaced by “while the school is in regular session, excluding summer.”
  • Under the duties of the Grievance Committee will be added: “It shall establish its own procedures.”
  • In section VII.F.2.c., “appoint an ad hoc committee consisting of three members of the faculty” will be replaced by “appoint an ad hoc committee consisting of three members of the committee”

The original motion was approved as amended.

Promotion and Tenure Policies and Procedures

It was agreed that there was insufficient time to consider the Promotion and Tenure document. The draft document dated 9/18/06 will continue to pertain until this matter can be addressed by the faculty. It will be placed on the agenda of the November 29, 2006, faculty meeting.


The Nominating Committee will meet on September 22 and will prepare a slate of candidates for elected positions. Since the newly-approved Constitution provides for “an opportunity for nominations from the floor,” the Nominating Committee will need to determine how to handle that.

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