SSE Undergraduate Studies Committee Meeting

February 4, 2011


Present: John Prindle (CBE), Beth Wee (SSE Associate Dean), Nancy Hopkins (CMB), George Flowers (EENS), Harriett Barrat (student rep), Dave Rice (BME), Carol Pizer (Advising Center), Dayna Gessler (Advising Center), Igor Rubtsov (CHEM), Al Vitter (MATH), Thomas Hebert (NSCI/PSYC) , Erin Forte, Jerry Shakov (PHYS), Steve Darwin (EBIO), Jamison Frederick (student rep)


All committee members, including student representatives and non-voting members, were introduced to each other.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting minutes from the September 27, 2010, meeting were previously approved for inclusion on the SSE website via email.

Course Changes

The following have been APPROVED by SSE Undergraduate Committee Chairperson John Prindle and Associate Dean Beth Wee:

  • Changing the course title for EENS 4950
    • Old title: Environmental Science Research
    • New title: Environmental Science Capstone
  • Changing the course title for ENGP 3410
    • Old title: Summer Design Internship
    • New title: Summer Internship
  • Changing the course title for ENGP 3420
    • Old title: Summer Design Internship
    • New title: Summer Internship
  • Changing the course number for PSYC 2090 to PSYC 3090 Univariate
  • Changing the course number for PSYC 2091 to PSYC 3091 Univariate Lab
  • Changing the course number for NSCI 6550 (Behavioral Endocrinology) to NSCI 6060, 4060
  • Changing the course number for NSCI 6560 (Behavioral Endocrinology Lab) to NSCI 6065, 4065
  • Changing the course number for PSYC 6550 (Behavioral Endocrinology) to PSYC 6060, 4060
  • Changing the course number for PSYC 6560 (Behavioral Endocrinology Lab) to PSYC 6065, 4065
  • Crosslisting MUSC 4400 (Music and DSP) with ENGP 4400
  • Crosslisting MUSC 4410 (Music and DSP) with ENGP 4410

New Courses

  • CELL 3560/6560 Fundamentals of Pathophysiology – approved
  • CMPS 1500 Introduction to Computer Science I – approved
    Note: Approved for one-time offering. Will evaluate with task force after. Issue of how to revive/reintroduce Computer Science department at Tulane debated. Housed in Math for now, but not part of Math.
  • CMPS 1600 Introduction to Computer Science II – approved
  • EENS 3150 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems – approved
  • EENS 3500* Shark Paleobiology – approved
    Note: Approval is pending a course number change. Steve Darwin (EBIO) raised concerns of overlap with existing EBIO shark course; will address concerns via email to include teaching professors
  • ENGP 3910 Special Topics in Engineering Physics – approved
  • PSYC 3320 Behavior Analysis & Modification – approved
  • PSYC 4070 Drugs and Behavior – approved
  • PSYC 4075 Drugs and Behavior Lab – approved
    Note: Approval pending addition to course information citing that a student cannot take both this class (and 4070) and Psychopharmacology.

Major/Minor Requirements

The following have been APPROVED by SSE Undergraduate Committee Chairperson John Prindle and Associate Dean Beth Wee:

Change in Minor Requirements

  • Psychology minor no longer requires a 4 credit laboratory; instead students will take an additional 3 credit lecture course, change in hours from 17 credits to 16 credits

Change in Major requirement

  • If EENS 3150 (Introduction to Geographic Information Systems) is approved, it would substitute for EENS 6030 (Geospatial Analysis) as one of the core requirements for the Environmental Science Major
  • Psych and Early Childhood will allow EITHER PSYC 3330 (Abnormal Psychology) OR PSYC 3340 (Developmental Psychopathology) to count as a required course (previously only PSYC 3340 counted as the required course)
  • CELL capstone is now REQUIRED
  • CELL majors are required to take 5 core lecture courses (CELL 1010, 2050, 3010, 3120 and 4010). CENG 4450 +4460 or CHEM 3830 +3840 may be substituted for CELL 4010
  • CELL Core electives and other electives were revised to include new courses that are taught in the department.
  • CELL courses from other departments that are no longer taught were removed from the list of approved electives and several courses from other departments which were molecular or cellular in scope were added (see list).

Change in Major requirement to be discussed

  • CELL Majors are required to take MATH 1230 as their second REQUIRED Math – approved

Old Business

List of changes for 600 level courses were received for CELL, NSCI, PSYC, CHE, and EBIO field courses. EENS will be coming.

Lists of departmental capstones, service learning, and writing intensives were distributed to committee members. Members were asked to take the lists to their respective departments and determine if all classes listed for their department was still being offered and if any new classes need to be added. Information, changes, and corrections should be sent to Erin Forte who will then update the website and share with Advising.

The Study Abroad department representatives were confirmed by Erin Forte. A list was provided and sent to Advising.

New Business

Steve Darwin wanted to confirm that all 6000-level courses will count as Honors courses for undergrads; the same for independent studies. The committee and Associate Dean Wee confirmed.

George Flowers brought up the issue of the School of Liberal Arts trying to get away from cross-listing. This was confirmed by Advising, but added that this was not mandated by Newcomb-Tulane College, but a move to keep their interdisciplinary programs truly interdisciplinary by reducing the number of cross-listings.

Meeting Adjourned

Minutes submitted by Erin Forte, SSE Dean’s Office

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764