Graduate Studies Committee Meeting

February 5, 2014


In Attendance: M. Can (for T. Ha), N. Dawers, M. Fink, J. Karubian, L. Molix, M. Moore, A. Robinson, L. Schrader, F. Wietfeldt, and S. Borrego

Absent: J. Ruscher and J. Tasker

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am.

Dean Ruscher was unable to attend; N. Dawers led the meeting in her stead.


  1. S/U grading for graduate courses
    • Most departments have a policy that no S/U courses will count towards graduate credit, with the exception of specific departmental seminar or practicum courses.
    • Currently, the SSE Handbook does not have a stated policy on S/U courses.
    • A grade of U is factored into the student’s GPA as a B-, but a grade of S does not count in the GPA.
    • Committee members agreed that the SSE Handbook should explicitly state that S/U courses do not count towards graduate programs of study, with the exception of specific departmental/program seminars or specially approved courses.
  2. Data on TA usage across the units
    • Dean Ruscher asked for TA data from the units to include number of hours/week, etc; balance among labs and grading support; training as TAs; and any other data the committee members feel would be useful to know across units.
    • Committee members agreed that the best way to get the data would be to ask the TAs themselves, whether by online survey or a group TA meeting.
  3. General discussion about recruiting and current admissions cycle

Meeting adjourned at 9:50 am.

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