Graduate Studies Meeting

September 28, 2009

Russ Schmehl chaired the meeting

In attendance were Professors Schmehl, Tasker, Muneoka, Mislove, Gaver, Perdew, Johannesson, Blum, and Fink, and Ms. Keith.

Prof. Tasker was nominated to continue to serve as chair of the Committee, and was elected almost unanimously.

Prof. Schmehl mentioned that several graduate fellowships were available through different funding agencies and that the best graduate students in each program should be encouraged to apply. Information about different fellowship opportunities can be found on the Graduate Division web site, accessed through the SSE web site.

Prof. Schmehl announced the availability of outreach opportunities for BOR fellowship recipients (the BORSF carries an outreach obligation), information on which can be found by contacting Dr. Annette Oertling in the SSE Dean’s office.

Prof. Schmehl mentioned that he can offer assistance in recruitment efforts of each dept/program, especially in the presentation of the dept/program web sites.

A total of 6 courses for graduate credit were approved by the Committee, BMEN 642, BMEN 710, BMEN 742, COSC/EBIO 640 (number to be changed), EBIO 615, MATH 628.

A proposal from the Neuroscience Program to limit the duration of the Neuroscience 1-year Masters program to a maximum of 2 years was approved by the Committee.

A document outlining the procedure for the graduate admissions process was distributed to the Committee members as a reference.

New Business: Whether the Provost’s Office would provide support to the various departmental/program graduate programs again this year was raised, and Prof. Schmehl said that a solicitation for applications had been circulated by Assoc. Provost Mitchell and that the deadline for application was approaching. Several members of the Committee were not aware of the solicitation. Elizabeth Keith stated that she would have it redistributed.

The meeting adjourned at 5: 15 PM.

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