SSE Executive Committee Meeting

January 5, 2011

8:00 AM — 1:00 PM


Present: Altiero, Gaver, Chen, Pratt, Koplitz, Nelson, Heins, Kalka, McGuire, Ruscher, Tasker, McPherson, Schmehl, Oertling, Parker

Absent: Engleman, Wee

Guests: Mislove

Unfinished Business

The group re-visited a number of issues that have been discussed at prior Executive Committee meetings. The following topics were addressed: policies pertaining to the appointment and promotion of professors of practice; policies pertaining to the appointment and promotion of research professors; graduate education administration including training in writing, teaching and language skills; the interface between Digital Measures and the faculty annual activity reports; and the staff evaluation and merit raise process.

The group also discussed the new Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CERT) that will focus on social innovation, engagement through research, classroom engagement, and experiential learning. Dean Altiero agreed to invite the Director of CERT, Michael Cunningham, to the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

Strategic Plan

Dean Altiero outlined the timetable for completion of the revised strategic plan. The first draft of departmental input to the plan will be due on 18 February and completion of the plan is expected by 30 June. In addition to the regularly scheduled Executive Committee meetings, there will be an Executive Committee "retreat" on 17 June to finalize the plan.

The group spent the rest of the meeting developing an outline of the sections to be included in the strategic plan and the key questions that need to be addressed in each section. Dean Altiero said that he would send the finalized list, along with a detailed timetable of the strategic planning process, to all members of the committee.


Assistant Dean Sandy Parker again reviewed the staff evaluation process. See the minutes of the meeting of 3 December for these details.

Spring Calendar

The Spring 2011 SSE calendar of events is as follows:

February 23: Faculty Meeting
February 25: Executive Committee Meeting
February 25: Investiture Ceremony
March 14-18: Science and Engineering Week
April 1: Executive Committee Meeting
April 6: Health Sciences Research Day
April 7: Research Day and Alumni Awards
April 8: Board of Advisors Meeting
April 15: Tulane Engineering Forum
May 5: Faculty Meeting
May 6: Executive Committee Meeting
May 11: Graduate Ceremony and Reception
May 12: Commencement, Undergraduate Ceremony and Reception
June 17: Executive Committee Retreat

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