SSE Faculty Meeting Minutes

212 Lavin Bernick Center
May 6, 2010

4:00 PM

Attendance: Altiero, Alvarez, Ashbaugh, Aung, Barbarin, Bishop, Boudaba, Caruso, Cortez, Cronin, Dancisak, Daniel, Darwin, Dawers, Di, Didier, Dohanich, Dotson, Gaver, Godbey, Golob, Grisbaum, Hall, Hebert, Heins, Herman, Hopkins, Hyman, Inglis, Johannesson, John, Kalka, Kaplan, Koplitz, Mague, Mao, Mitchell, Moore, Murfee, O’Connor, Oertling, Parrish, Parsley, Perdew, Popescu, Pratt, Prindle, Rice, Rosenheim, Ruscher, Schmehl, Schuler, Shakov, Sherry, Straub, Tasker, Thien, Varela, Vasudevan, Walker, Wee, Wyland

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 8 March 2010 have not yet been posted. Approval was deferred to the next meeting.

Opening Remarks – Altiero

Dean Nick Altiero thanked the faculty for a spectacular year! By every measure, the School of Science and Engineering is a resounding success four years after its inception. Dean Altiero asked that we end the academic year on a celebratory note with strong faculty participation in the Graduate Hooding Ceremony Reception (May 14 in the Qatar Ballroom of the Lavin-Bernick Center) and at the SSE Farewell Toast to Graduating Seniors (May 15 in the Claiborne Club Lounge of the Louisiana Superdome). There will be photo opportunities with graduating students and family at both of these receptions.

Certification of Degrees

Dean Altiero asked each of the Department Chairs and Program Directors to confirm that all degrees to be conferred at the 2010 Commencement in their respective programs have been certified by the faculty. He then called the roll of degree programs at the baccalaureate level, the master's level, and the doctoral level, receiving affirmative responses for each.

Executive Committee – Altiero

Dean Altiero reported that all minutes of the SSE Executive Committee have been posted to the web and he encouraged the faculty to read those minutes and to contact him if they have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Promotion and Tenure Committee – O’Connor

Committee Chair Kim O'Connor presented a first reading of recommended amendments to the SSE Guidelines on Promotion and Tenure. She presented these recommended amendments on behalf of the SSE Promotion and Tenure Committee with their unanimous approval. There was a very spirited discussion during which many faculty concerns were raised. A motion was made and passed directing the following: (1) The SSE Promotion and Tenure Committee will revise the recommendations, addressing all concerns raised by the faculty. (2) The revised document will then be presented to the SSE Executive Committee for its input and approval. (3) Assuming that the revisions are acceptable to the SSE Executive Committee, the faculty will act on these revisions at the first meeting of the fall semester.

Graduate Studies Committee – Tasker

Committee Chair Jeff Tasker reported that minutes have been posted to the web and there is nothing further to report.

Undergraduate Studies Committee – Prindle

Committee Chair John Prindle reported that minutes have been posted to the web and there is nothing further to report.

Grievance Committee – Thien

Committee Chair Leonard Thien reported that no grievances were filed in the School of Science and Engineering during the 2009-2010 academic year.

Nominating Committee – Sherry

Committee Chair Tom Sherry reported that we have not yet completed committee assignments for academic year 2010-11 and it will be necessary to do by May 15. All elections will be completed by that time and a complete list of committee representatives will be posted to the web. This includes representatives to SSE committees, University Senate committees, Newcomb-Tulane College committees, and the Graduate Council.


The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.

Minutes by Nicholas Altiero.

School of Science and Engineering, 201 Lindy Boggs Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5764