SSE Executive Committee Meeting

November 27, 2012
8:00 AM – 9:10 AM


Present: Altiero, Chen, Engleman, Gaver, Blum (for Heins), Kalka, Koplitz, Kaplan (for Mao), Mettu (for Mislove), Oertling, Overstreet, Parker, Robinson, Ruscher, Tasker, Tornqvist, Wee

Absent: McPherson

Status of Strategic Planning

Unit strategic plans from all departments, programs, and centers are due in the dean’s office by December 14. Department Chairs should schedule meetings with Dean Altiero prior to that date to discuss key elements of their plans.

Issues from Tulane Academic Deans’ Retreat

Dean Altiero reported on the following topics that were discussed at the November 13 retreat of the Tulane Academic Deans: internationalization, tobacco industry research policy, the Faculty Handbook and school constitutions, Core Curriculum Task Force, four credit hour courses, enrollment management and data, WFMO procedures, and school strategic plans. There followed a discussion of each of these issues.

Maintenance Issues

Dean Altiero reminded the group that he is compiling a list of maintenance/infrastructure problems at the request of the provost and he needs their input as soon as possible if they have not yet provided it. Dr. Tornqvist said that the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences had developed an “Environmental Responsibility Assessment and Plan” that he will share with the group.

Undergraduate Program Issues

The School of Medicine has expressed interest in offering courses to undergraduate students. Department Chairs were asked to submit potential topics to Associate Dean Beth Wee.

Dr. Wee reminded the group that summer school forms are now due to the School of Continuing Studies (SCS). She also reviewed the process for cross-listing courses with the SCS.

Finance / Personnel Issues

Sandy Parker, Assistant Dean for Finance and Personnel, reminded the group that promotion and tenure dossiers are due in the dean’s office by December 1. Adjunct appointments for Spring Semester are also now due.

Development Issues

Senior Director of Development Kat Engleman went over the arrangements for the December 11 dedication of Flower Hall.

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