SSE Executive Committee Meeting

October 14, 2011
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


Present: Altiero, Walker (for Gaver), Chen, Godbey (for Pratt), Koplitz, Nelson, Blum (for Heins), Kalka, Mao, Ruscher, Burdsal, Wee, Parker, Engleman

Absent: Tasker, McPherson, Oertling

Guests: Kirkland, Stark, Milton, Guedry

Associate / Assistant Dean Topics

Beth Wee, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, expressed her gratitude to the faculty for their active participation in undergraduate recruiting activities. She said that one of our challenges is providing a sufficient number of research opportunities for interested undergraduates and she is working with the School of Medicine and the Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) to identify and promote more undergraduate research opportunities. She then lead a discussion on the implications of the proposal to form an integrated undergraduate-graduate curriculum committee in the School and the logistics of submitting course and curricular changes.

Carol Burdsal, the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, lead a discussion on graduate recruiting that focused on effective utilization of prospective student lists provided by GRE and GEM, initiatives to improve diversity of the graduate student body, and the future role of the Graduate Studies Committee. She said that the dean's office would provide support for graduate recruiting programs with special emphasis on diversity.

Sandy Parker, the Assistant Dean for Finance and Personnel, distributed the School’s “website update process.” This document outlines how the various units in the School are to work with Mudbug Media to assure that the web pages are kept up-to-date. Under this policy, departments will be able to make interior-page, non-navigation updates to their web pages but all other changes must be submitted to Mudbug Media. Turnaround time will vary from 2 to 5 business days depending on the complexity of the change. Dean Altiero emphasized the need to maintain an up-to-date professional website that can be viewed and navigated on any device.

Kat Engleman, the Senior Development Officer, outlined efforts to increase the School's number of industry partners. She said that she would soon be distributing copies of the university “gift acceptance policy.”

Building Security

Art Kirkland, Director of the Office of Emergency Management, joined the group to discuss building security. He said that the long-term goal is card access for all buildings on the Uptown campus. In the near term, the focus is on Stern Hall and the Israel Building. While there was a consensus that campus-wide card-access security is a good idea, there was a lengthy discussion regarding how student access should be controlled and which other buildings in the Science and Engineering complex are also in critical need of better security. There was also a discussion about inadequate access for individuals with disabilities to a number of buildings in the Science and Engineering complex.

Harassment Prevention

Wendy Stark, Director of the Office of Institutional Equity, joined the group to discuss harassment prevention. She was joined by Associate Director August Milton. They distributed a brochure that contains information about harassment laws, Tulane's policy, and campus resources. They asked that copies of this brochure be made available to all employees and students in the School. A roundtable discussion followed.

Board of Advisors / Homecoming Events

Candy Guedry, SSE Program Manager for Alumni Affairs, Events and Public Relations, joined the group to discuss the events of October 20–22 associated with the Board of Advisors meeting and Homecoming weekend. The Department Chairs asked that they be provided with a list of their alumni who have indicated that they will be attending any of these events.

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