SSE Executive Committee Meeting

October 20, 2006

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


Present: Altiero, McPherson, De Kee, Burdsal, Parker, Gaver, Mullin, John, Koplitz, Nelson, Heins, Kalka, Diebold (for McGuire), Dohanich, Tasker, McLachlan

Absent: None

Research Faculty Appointments

There was a discussion about the School’s policy regarding Research Professor appointments. This policy can be found at It was agreed that the policy should be modified to allow for the appointment of Research Professors in research centers. The old policy required that the appointment of a Research Professor be in an academic department and be approved by the faculty of that department. Under the modified policy, a Research Professor can be appointed in a research center of the School of Science and Engineering subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the School.

Promotion and Tenure Policy

The group once again discussed the draft promotion and tenure policy document. This can be found at This is the final review by the Executive Committee prior to a vote by the faculty of the School at the November 29 faculty meeting.

It was agreed that the document needs to include provisions for joint appointments. Altiero agreed to revise the draft to include the following: (1) For joint appointments, each department in which the candidate has an appointment will review the candidate and provide a letter of nomination in accordance with these procedures; and (2) The departments in which the faculty holds appointments will coordinate their effort to seek four external evaluators.
After lengthy discussion, it was also concluded that the Timetable beginning in 2007-2008, would be modified as follows

September 15: Candidate submits CV and 5 selected publications to home Department(s) – Does not apply to 3rd year reviews.

October 1: Candidate submits dossier, exclusive of external evaluation letters, to home Department(s)

December 1: Department submits complete dossier, including external evaluation letters and departmental letter(s) of nomination, to the School

February 1: School P&T Committee submits decisions to the Dean Mid-February: School P&T Committee decision and Dean’s recommendation submitted to the Provost.

For mid-year hires involving tenure, all deadlines will be 3 months later.

School of Continuing Studies

Rick Marksbury, Dean of the School of Continuing Studies (SCS), discussed the changes brought about by the Tulane Plan for Renewal including the transformation of University College into the SCS. He said that SCS will operate on a trimester calendar and that he has recommended that administration of summer school be transferred to Newcomb- Tulane College.

Under the proposed Constitution of the SCS, each academic department that cross-lists courses with SCS will have a representative on the SCS Council. At this time, that would include all of the science departments but not the two engineering departments. He requested that the engineering departments give some thought to courses that might be cross-listed. SCS is able to provide funding for adjuncts or for salary supplements if needed.

Marksbury also reported that some of our sister institutions are inviting a select number of admitted freshmen to campus the summer prior to enrollment to enroll in a class and work with a faculty member in a research setting. There was general agreement that this is an excellent idea worth pursuing.

STSE; SSE Board of Advisors

Altiero drew the attention of the group to the Society of Tulane Scientists and Engineers (STSE) meeting on October 27 and the Board of Advisors (BOA) meeting on November 10. Attendance at the October 27 STSE meeting is not required but Executive Committee members are strongly urged to participate to whatever extent possible in the November 10 BOA meeting.

At the STSE meeting, this alumni organization will broaden their membership to include science alumni and will discuss how best to energize the alumni of all programs that are now housed within the School of Science and Engineering. This will probably include the identification of a “class agent” for each program for each graduation year. These “class agents” will be enlisted to solicit news about their classmates for the semi-annual School publication, to promote participation in alumni events, and to help solicit participation in annual giving.

Altiero distributed a tentative agenda for the BOA meeting. It includes a brief business meeting, presentations by Altiero and President Cowen, and committee break-out sessions and reports back to the full Board. The committees are as follows: Strategic Planning, Finance & Operations, Development, Student Recruiting & Retention, and Research Enhancement. Lists of the Board membership and the committee assignments were also distributed. There will be at least 3 Tulane representatives on each committee including Altiero on Strategic Planning, McPherson and Parker on Finance & Operations, Reynolds on Development, Burdsal on Student Recruiting & Retention, and De Kee on Research Enhancement. All members of the Executive Committee will be assigned to committees and were asked to submit their preferences to Altiero as soon as possible.

Teaching Load Policy

There was insufficient time to address this issue. It will be moved to the agenda of the next Executive Committee meeting, scheduled for November 17.

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